Continuous Cycle of Growth - AEtrium-2

AEtrium System Cycle

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The AEtrium System Cycle


Clone AEtrium-2 ~ 2 Weeks

AEtrium-2 cloners can fit up to 98 foam cloner plugs per tray, allowing a total of 294 clones per machine.  When clones are transferred to vegging, the cloning AEtrium-2 can then be repopulated again with clones immediately to begin the next set for vegging.




Veg AEtrium-2 ~ 2 Weeks

AEtrium-2 veg trays are normally used with up to 40 plants per tray in 3.75″ net pots allowing the clones plenty of space to spread out and display which are the healthiest clones to move into your bloom room.  These 120 plants per machine can be staged at this level for extended periods of time until your bloom production room is ready fro the transfer.  The move from veg to produciton is quick.  Once emtied and after a quick peroxide rinse, you can immediately refill with the next set of new vegging plants from the next clone stage.



Transfer To Bloom Production in AEtrium-4 >> 

After the optional 2 weeks of vegging growth is complete, your vegging plants are approximately 11 inches tall.  Your vegged plants move to 3.75” net pots to drop easily in a minute into AEtrium-4’s with 20 holes for those net-pots for flowering.  During this process, both the vegging and cloning configured AEtrium-2s can be repopulated for the next growth cycle.

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AEtrium-2 Automated Cloning & Vegging System - 1.5 MB


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Placing Clones

Cloning Transfer to Vegging

Vegging Pre Transfer to AEtrium-4 Bloom Production

AEtrium-2 Clone Roots in Air with Aeroponic Irrigation

Bloom Room Production in AEtrium-4