Pest Prevention

AEtrium-2 Clones Ready For Transfer

Control Your Environment

Prevent Outside Pests

Ever buy outside clones only to find them infested with spider-mites? Ever start a new aphid colony from one infested clone? Prevent pests from contaminating your grow room by cloning in-house with AEtrium-2.

Your Clones, Your Pest-Free Environment

After spending so much time and effort in keeping your grow space clean, why should it suffer because of a supplier's carelessness? Each AEtrium-2 is under your full control where you decide what is best for your grow room. 

Less Movement

The advantage of growing in-house and indoors is that there are less chances of pests making their way in. Each outside plant you bring in is another vector for parasites, diseases, and other ailments to affect your cultivation grow room. 

Ideal For Cleanrooms

AEtrium-2 works best in a controlled environment, guarded and maintained by the AEtrium Guardian System. With its robust and remote controls, AEtrium-2 is a clean, efficient, and powerful part of your cultivation growth system.



AEtrium-2 Automated Cloning & Vegging System - 1.5 MB


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