Simplifying The Cloning Process With AEtrium-2

Cloning Transfer To Net Pots For Veg Growth


Simplify The Cloning Process

Fast & Simple Procedures

It's an easy thing to remember: the simpler the process, the healthier the plants. AEtrium-2 was designed with less steps in mind to reduce downtime, and generate more grow time.

Just Plug N' Plant

Thanks to our patented Plug N' Plant pot system, all you need to do is take the clone out and plug it into our netpot and it's ready to go. This reduces handling as much as possible. 

Reduced Stress

By reducing the number of steps, we reduce handling, which in turn, reduces plant stress. Each time a plant is handled or moved, the plant will become stressed. Using an aeroponic cloning environment, you'll never have to remove soil or dirt particles from the root zone to get them ready for bloom.

This creates clones with healthy and robust roots that are ready to go from the outset. Get a head start each time with clones from AEtrium-2.



AEtrium-2 Automated Cloning & Vegging System - 1.5 MB


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