Clone In-House - No More Need to Buy Clones

Placing Clones in The AEtrium-2


Clone In-House!

Save Money! Free Yourself From Suppliers

Tired of spending enormous sums of money on clones? The problem only gets worse as you expand. Imagine having to spend money to buy clones for an entire growth facilityIt's time to do it in-house. Thanks to AEtrium-2's aeroponic cloning configuration, you'll never have to spend another dime at a clone supplier.


Your Grow, Your Level of Quality

Ever purchased clones that looked miserable? Why let an outside source degrade the level of quality of your bloom?  With AEtrium-2, create clones that fit your standard of quality and cherry pick what you want.


Never Run Out of Clone Stock

Eliminate that supply chain hurdle. In-house cloning makes you immune to supply shocks and market conditions.  Plan your grow cycles according to your schedule, not someone else's.


Clone At Your Own Pace

Choose from different tray configurations for your needs, whether it's for mass cloning, or larger vegging plants. 




AEtrium-2 Automated Cloning & Vegging System - 1.5 MB


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