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AEssenseGrows Fresh Aeroponic Growth

AEssenseGrows Fresh Indoor Farming Delivers To The Highest International Food Safety Standards

Pure, Pesticide Free, Aeroponics - Great Business Results & Delicious Taste For Consumers

Great taste and freshness is what we offer to you and your customers.  Our AEtrium System - Guardian™ Grow Manager software optimizes grow recipes to efficiently deliver pure and naturally safe produce that is beautiful, fresh, and delicious.  

We are at the leading edge of scientific agriculture where purity, delicious taste, and vibrancy are guaranteed through optimized sensor controlled clean environments.  Every vegetable and leafy green variety is grown at its highest rate of nutrition and production volume while tracked from seed to harvest in a naturally clean, controlled automation environment.  

Indoor farming automation is eco-friendly with significant savings in water usage, no pesticides, no soil disposal, and minimal labor cost.  Our customers are also able to place their automation grow facilities near to their consumers offering faster delivery while eliminating transportation cost.  

AEssenseGrows automation of sensor data collected about our produce ensures that you receive the best tasting satisfaction while at the same time optimizing your return on investment. 

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Guardian Grow Manager Precision Sensor Display



AEtrium-2 Vertical Farming Multilevel Stacked Growth Environment

Highly Integrated Unit Saves Space In Grow Rooms

AEtrium-2 is AEssenseGrows' premiere aeroponic system created for growing small greens in a safe and sustainable manner in a space saving format.  Each growth tray is removable and interchangble with different growth setups, allowing different varieties of plant species to be grown simultaneously without any additional labor or facility setup.  

An AEtrium-2 grow room can be configured in a cargo container as a self-contained facility that can be easily transported and setup anywhere in the world, bringing safe, fresh, farm produce to the table in a fast, pure, and efficient manner.

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AEssenseGrows Fresh AEtrium-4 Tall Plant Growth

Guardian Grow Manager Automation Software

Delivers Precise Nutrient Recipes For Accelerated Growth

The Guardian Grow Manager software controls the entire production process and automates redundant tasks using precision sensor & valve controls to deliver a perfectly balanced nutrient recipe for 54 varieties of vegetables and leafy greens.

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AEssenseGrows Fresh AEtrium-2 Growth



AEtrium-4 Tall Plant Commercial Farming Environment

Give Your Consumers Pure, Pesticide Free, Aeroponics

The AEtrium-4 Tall Plant Growth Engine delivers the same aeroponic benefits of great taste and freshness but it provides efficiency for tall plant bountiful harvests.  

Clean Room Hydroponics deliver freshness and on demand plant-to-door delivery for your customers on a local basis.  Aeroponics, an advanced form of hydroponics, uses only 10% of the water and 30% of the nutrients when compared to growing in soil. Water is mixed precisely with the nutrients optimized for your produce variety and the roots are irrigated on a controlled schedule.  The nutrient mix is cycled through the system, resampled, dosed, and the irrigation cycle starts again.   Nothing goes to waste in the closed clean room protected environment.  Your plants grow virtually free of all pollution, pests, bacteria, and no pesticides.

Your food production is pure, with guaranteed whole food nutrition, quality, and safety.

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