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Delivers Beautiful, Delicious, Long Lasting Produce Year-Round In Varieties That Consumers Want

Great taste and freshness is what we offer to you and your customers.  Our AEtrium System uses the latest aeroponic hydroponic technology to grow the best tasting, most beautiful, longest lasting produce.  Our Guardian™ Grow Manager software optimizes grow recipes to efficiently deliver pure and naturally safe produce to worldwide populations.

The AEtrium System is a smart farm platform where purity, delicious taste, and vibrancy are guaranteed in sensor controlled clean environments.  This modular system is flexible so you can regroup and resize to meet fast changing customer desires in the harshest environments. 

Our Guardian software manages accelerated plant growth with intelligent sensors that collect, create, and monitor nutrient recipe progress from our nutrient recipe library. Each vegetable and leafy green is provided with ideal resources (oxygen, nutrients, water, light, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and pH balance) to accelerate growth and potency.  We are at the leading edge of scientific agriculture where purity, delicious taste, and vibrancy are guaranteed.  

Indoor farming automation is eco-friendly with significant savings in water usage, no pesticides, no soil disposal, and minimal labor cost.  Our customers are also able to place their automation grow facilities near to their consumers offering faster delivery while eliminating transportation cost.  

Your customers deserve the freshest tasting, highest quality, widest variety produce and YOU can deliver with AEssenseGrows.

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