Glebionis coronaria

Glebionis coronaria (Glebionis coronaria) , also known as garland chrysanthemum chrysanthemum greens edible chrysanthemum crowndaisy chrysanthemum chop suey green crown daisy Japanese-green, is scientifically classified as Kingdom: Plantae Clade: Angiosperms Clade: Eudicots Clade: Asterids Order: Asterales Family: Asteraceae Genus: Glebionis Species: G. coronaria.

Glebionis coronaria, formerly called Chrysanthemum coronarium, is a species of flowering plant in the daisy family. The plant's greens are used in many Asian cuisines. They appear in Cantonese dishes and Hong Kong cuisine in stews, casseroles, and hotpots. The leaves are also an important ingredient in Taiwanese oyster omelettes and, when young, are used along with stems to flavor soup and stir-fry.

Health Benefits

The plant is rich in minerals and vitamins with potassium concentrations at 610 mg/100 g and carotene at 3.4 g/100 g in edible portions. In addition, the plant contains various antioxidants (in stem, leaf,and root tissues) that have potential long-term benefits for human health, although toxic (dioxin) properties have also been observed.

Nutrient Facts

Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Energy   99kj
Dietary fiber   3.4g
Carbohydrates   3.5g
Sugars   0.3g
Fat   0.3g
Protein   0.8g
Calcium 12% 117mg
Copper 0%  0mg
Iron 18% 2.29mg
Magnesium 9% 32mg
Manganese 45% 0.943mg
Phosphorus 8% 54mg
Potassium 12% 567mg
Sodium 8%  118mg
Zinc 7%  0.71mg
Vitamin A IU % 0mg
Vitamin A equivalent 15% 116mg
Beta-Carotene 14% 1510mg
B1 - Thiamine 11% 0.13mg
B2 - Riboflavin 12% 0.144mg
B3 - Niacin 4% 0.531mg
B5 - Pantothenic acid 4% 0.221mg
B6 - Vitamin 14% 0.176mg
B9 - Folate 44% 177mg
Vitamin C 35% 25mg
Vitamin E 0% 0mg
Vitamin K 333% 350mg
Choline 0% 0mg
Betaine   0mg
Other constituents    
Water   0
Fluoride   0

Growth Stages




Mid Stage


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