1000W AExcel High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Grow Lights

AExcel HPS grow light


H1-1000CY1W-GIA (120V/208V variant)


H1-1000277Y1X-GIX (277V variant)

Light output over a 40"x50" grow area:

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Consistent and Reliable Standard Grow Lights

1000W double-ended AExcel High Pressure Sodium (HPS) grow lights are low-cost indoor lights suitable for a 40" x 50" growth area. Ideal for flowering and vegetative growth, these dimmable grow lights are high performance components at low cost, optimized for large and scalable grow installations. 1000W AExcel HPS grow lights are best combined with 1000W Blaze HPS grow light bulbs.



  • 1000W double-ended HPS grow light
  • 40" x 50" footprint
  • Average PPFD at 28” height: typ. 650 µmol/s/m²
  • Step Dimming (manual knob) and Continuous Dimming (controlled by Guardian™ using Wired Smart Relay)
  • Wide range of input voltages (120V/208V/230V/277V)
  • UL certified (certificate #: E358120 & E481353)
  • ETL certified (certificate #: 5005837)


Included in box:

  • 1000W AExcel HPS fixture with appropriate power cord (see variants)
  • 1000W DE 2100K HPS bulb
  • Heavy duty rope ratchets



Model nr. Part nr. Voltage Plug Dimming
H1-1000CY1W-GIA L01-A0009-01 120V & 208V NEMA 6-15P  Plugs NEMA 6-15P.png Manual & Automated
H1-1000277Y1X-GIX L01-A0010-01 277V NEMA L7-15PPlugs NEMA L7-15P Manual & Automated



Part nr. Description
201-00002-01 Wired Smart Relay WSR-5 (120V) for Guardian™ Automation
201-00003-01 Wired Smart Relay WSR-6 (208V) for Guardian™ Automation
082-01001-21 Blaze BHHPS1000 bulb (1000W High Pressure Sodium)
082-04001-21 Blaze BHMH1000 bulb (1000W Metal Halide)



1000W AExcel HPS Datasheet (H1-1000CY1W-GIA)

1000W AExcel HPS Datasheet (H1-1000277Y1X-GIX)

1000W AExcel HPS Manual (H1-1000CY1W-GIA)

1000W AExcel HPS Manual (H1-1000277Y1X-GIX)

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