Clean Room Greenhouses

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AEssenseGrows Fresh Clean Room From The Ground Up

Every Inch Planned For Pure Fresh Growth

Opened for Fresh production in 2015, our Fresh business continues to expand as we use the AEtrium Guardian System to produce pure, fresh, pesticide free, vegetables and leafy greens in our sealed air positive pressure green room facility in Jiading, Shanghai, China.

AEssenseGrows Cultivation Clean Rooms

Nutrient Recipe Testing

We are constantly testing nutrient recipes in the AEtrium Guardian System.  We learn from this effort with our own clean room environment.  We are expanding our test kitchens and we look forward to publishing more of our grow reports in coming days. We continually improve on our growth, yields, and quality for aeroponically grown cultivations.











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Yield Improvement Tested From End-to-End

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