Our Trademarks represent our company and are important to us.  We see our name and logo as an important asset.  These guidelines were created for the proper use of these trademarks.


AEssense Logo V7 Standard_A1.png

Legal Name of The Company

AEssense Corporation

The preferred font is Century Gothic. Official colors are grey (#565656) and green (#039447).



Our Online Digital Property Logo


The preferred font is Century Gothic




The logo for our delivery business


Our Fresh Produce delivery service in Shanghai is named Eat-Fresh.



Trade Names

AEssenseGrows, AEssenseFresh, AEssense, and AEssenseCorp 

AEssense Corporation uses these common trade names interchangeably.


Use Of Our Trademarks

When Refering To AEssense Products

You can use our marks when referring to our products and services to attribute ownership.  This attribution should be shown as a footnote indicating the name as a trademark of AEssense Corporation.  




The Following Are Trademarks Of AEssenseGrows and AEssense Corporation

Aeroponic Systems: AEtrium-4™, AEtrium-2™, AEtrium-2.1 SmartFarm, AEtrium-SmartFarm™

Lighting: AErix™ LEDs, AEdge™ LEDs

Software: Guardian™ Grow Manager, Guardian™ Intelligence