AEtrium System

AEtrium System Automation Delivers Rich ROI

AEtrium System Yields 40% More In Same Space

AEtrium System automation controls a suite of sensor based areoponic growth environments.  Providing secure remote access and cloud data storage, Guardian software automation controls an unlimited number of AEtrium-2 and AEtrium-4 growth environments.  The Guardian software automation executes your nutrient dosing recipes and monitors the health of your plants with intelligent sensors while you relax with confidence.  Delivering the full potential of precision controlled aeroponic growth, the AEtrium System delivers 40% more yield in the same space as growing in soil.

The AEtrium System optimizes yield with accurate mechanical control timing, precision sensor measurement, and repeatability.  You are able to create the perfect sensor controlled growth environment for your preferred crop, supplies, and labor, optimizing your return on investment (ROI).  

You create the harvest that you desire with precise sensor control of the application of nutrient dosing, watering schedules, light cycles, PH, and CO2 levels.  The system monitors environmental temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels to ensure safe plant growth.  Guardian software automation follows your directions perfectly every time with exact repeatability for exceptional harvests, bountiful production, and maximum results.  

The Guardian software automation combined with the AEtrium growth platforms enable you to optimize your grow recipes for the plant or strain you desire.  AEtrium System automation delivers the high production output required for today's high velocity commercial agriculture results.





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