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The AEtrium Hydroponic Grow Systems

Aeroponics Delivers 40% Faster Growth Year-Round

The AEtrium advanced hydroponic grow systems enable commercial cultivators to manage advanced aeroponic systems for indoor clean rooms or large greenhouses with precision sensor automation and accurate mechanical control.  These are the most complete hydroponic grow systems available for tall green plants like hemp.  

For cultivators, dynamic nutrient dosing recipes deliver bigger flower blooms with 40% higher yields while software controlled automation eliminates repetitive labor tasks. You are able to create the perfect sensor monitored cultivation environment for your strain, supplies, and labor, optimizing your return on investment (ROI). Set up, turn on, and relax.

For smart investors, at commercial scale, the AEtrium System executes a continuous harvest approach with 6 harvests per year at 3 pounds per light per layer delivering production costs as low as $120 per pound (at USA labor rates).  You can expect to produce 1 LB/ft2 (450-550 grams) of dry trim bud for every layer and every square foot of canopy space in your hydroponic grow facility.


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Our Guardian™ Grow Manager software puts you in control and automates repetitive tasks and delivers accelerated plant growth and potency with nutrient recipes that provide every plant with the ideal resources to grow.  


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