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AEtrium System Automation Drives Rich ROI

Delivers 40% Faster Growth & Higher Yields Year-Round

It's competitive out there; Only the best will survive.  The AEtrium System enables commercial cultivators for indoor clean rooms or large greenhouses to manage advanced hydroponic systems with precision sensor automation and accurate mechanical control timing.  This is the most complete aeroponic grow system available.  

For cultivators, dynamic nutrient dosing recipes deliver bigger blooms with 40% higher yields while system based automation eliminates repetitive labor tasks. You are able to create the perfect sensor controlled cultivation environment for your strain, supplies, and labor, optimizing your return on investment (ROI). Set up, turn on, and relax.

For smart investors at commercial scale, the AEtrium System executes a continuous harvest approach with 6 harvests per year at 3 pounds per light delivering production costs as low as $135 per pound.  Large scale installations >20,000 square feet in size can see gross profit increased by 300%.  


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Our Guardian™ Grow Manager software automates repetitive tasks and delivers accelerated plant growth and potency with nutrient recipes that provide every plant with the ideal resources to grow.  

Create the harvest you desire and the automated system will follow your directions with precise sensor controls.  The application of nutrients, watering schedules, light cycles, PH & CO2 levels, environmental temperature and humidity will be perfect every time with exact repeatability for exceptional harvests, bountiful production, and maximum results you on which you can rely.

Your grow plans are always available to you and can be deployed on demand to any AEtrium System in any room to reproduce exactly the same grow plan with tireless precision.  Optionally, all sensor and environmental tracking can be backed up to the Amazon cloud (AWS) as a detailed record of your operations.  

We can always do more but these are definite benefits for you, the indoor farming cultivator:

  • Precision Aeroponics Increases Yields 40%
  • Remote Access & Automation Protects Your Investments
  • Fast Turnaround AEtrium-4's Enable 6 Harvests per Year per Room
  • AEtrium-4 Design Expands Canopy 25% In Large Grow Rooms
  • Double Deck AEtrium-4 adds an additional 60% to your floor space
  • Eco-Friendly Reductions In Water (90%), Nutrients (70%), No Soil or Waste (100%), No Pesticides (100%), and Labor (70%)


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