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AEtrium-4 Bloom Room Production

AEssenseGrows Offers A Suite Of Industrial Hydroponic Systems And Software To Revolutionize Your Grow

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Combining the very best of rapid growth aeroponic AEtrium Systems with the ease of our Guardian™ Grow Manager Automation Software, AEssenseGrows offers a large and complete suite of products that boost yields 40% and simplifies commercial grow rooms, accelerating growth and returns (ROI) >>.

The AEtrium System enables commercial cultivators for indoor clean rooms or large greenhouses to manage advanced hydroponic systems with precision sensor automation.  This is the most complete aeroponic growing system available.  Automated aeroponic systems repeatedly create rich plant growth for exceptional harvests with 40% more yield than growing in soil.  Set up, turn on, and relax.  The Guardian Grow Manager Software Automation does the rest for you.

Guardian Automation Software manages our modular scalable grow systems (the AEtrium-2 and the AEtrium-4).  This integrated solution uses one third of the labor required for in soil operations increasing your returns.  The advantages of software controlled aeroponics (90% water savings, 70% nutrient savings) scales from 1 light to thousands of lights multiplying the labor savings and rich growth.  

For commercial scale cultivators and smart investors, the AEtrium System provides confidence, peace of mind, reduction of labor, a wealth of knowledge gained, precision control, increased yields, production velocity, and increased margins.  For large scale installations >20,000 square feet in size, gross profit can be increased by 300%.  

We can always do more but these are definite benefits for you, the indoor farming cultivator:

  • Precision Aeroponics Increases Yields 40%
  • Remote Access Automation Protects Your Investment & Peace of Mind
  • Fast Turnaround AEtrium-4's Enable 6 Harvests per Year per Room
  • AEtrium-4 Design Expands Canopy 25% In Large Grow Rooms
  • Savings In Water (90%), Nutrients (70%), No Soil or Waste (100%), No Pesticides (100%), and Labor (70%)

Advanced aeroponic yields and industrial scale automation produces 3 times more growth than the same space growing in soil.  Put fear into your competition with The AEtrium System.

Review a Benchmark Case Study of Coco Coir vs. AEtrium Guardian Aeroponics here >>  .Read The Benchmark Study Here

Guardian Grow Manager Application





AEtrium-4 Commercial Hydroponic Bloom System

Increase Yields 40% >>

Designed for highly automated commercial grow environments, our aeroponic system is designed to increase your yields from the ground up. With a 4'x5' footprint, the AEtrium-4 is a modular system that can be configured to fit almost any grow room.  Optimized by the Guardian Grow Manager, every tub supports dynamic dosing for peak growth aeroponics from the start.

Easy to setup, easy to clean, with same day harvest/replanting, each machine was engineered to eliminate bloom room downtime.  Our growers are achieving a full 6 harvests per year due to this turnaround efficiency, routinely 1-2 additional harvests per year per room.  Combine this with the AEtrium-2's rapid cloning and vegging support, and you end up with the most efficient cultivation system available.


  • Automated Aeroponic Yields +40%
  • Fast Setup & Harvest Cleanup - 10 minutes per tub
  • Fast Harvest Turnaround - 2 more harvests per year per room
  • More Canopy Space per Grow Room - movable rows +25%
  • Energy & Water Efficient - 90% savings vs. soil
  • No Soil Pests & No Pesticides!

      Case Study offers detailed analysis >>.  Read The Benchmark Study Here







AEtrium-2 Automated Cloning & Vegging System



Guardian™ Grow Manager

Accelerate Your Yields With Ease >>

Managing aeroponic nutrient recipes can be complex when handling finicky strains.  Our Guardian Grow Manager automation software guarantees that nutrient dosage is consistent and applied perfectly with every irrigation cycle.  The Guardian constantly senses these nutrient level changes and uses dynamic dosing to rebalance the nutrient fertilization (fertigation) recipe to your specific strain before every irrigation run.  

You set your recipe and the Guardian keeps you on the optimal growth plan constantly.  

If you ever want to adjust the process, remote access to the Guardian puts you in control at all times.  You can manage any tub in your grow room with a few clicks.  This can save you a world of time on maintenance tasks as you manage your operation through your phone.

Time to expand your operations?  Double your scale with the Guardian System, use less labor, and stay on peak performance year round.   






AEtrium-4 Automated Cultivation Bloom System








AEtrium-2 Automated Cloning & Vegging System 

Keep Your Bloom Room In Full Production 365 Days per Year >>

A growth system is only as fast as it's slowest component. Why let clone suppliers bottleneck your bloom room?  Do it in-house!  The AEtrium-2 lets you easily create your own clones and root them quickly and efficiently.  Three vertical layers include their own LED light panels making this "Growbot" very flexible.

Production Boosting Features:

  • Aeroponic Nutrients & Rapid Growth
  • 300 Clones per 20 Square Feet Of Floorspace
  • Flexible Trays For Cloning or Vegging
  • Veg In The Clone Room Until Bloom Room Is Ready

The AEtrium-2 Cloning & Veg System offers three simple steps: Clone, Veg, and Transfer.   Mix and match different trays to optimize for your bloom room availability.  Do just clones or stage for vegging, whatever keeps your bloom room in full production.

Additional Benefits:

  • Supplier Independence, Personal In-House Control
  • No Risk of Pest Introduction From External Clones
  • No Schedule Interuptions (Every bloom room day = revenue!)
  • Secure Protection For Your In-House Strains