AEssense Use of Cookies Description

Cookies Are Useful

AEssense Corporation provides this description of our use of cookies for your convenience.  We try to explain common “cookies” and other tracking technologies that we all use when we surf the web.  By using the AEssenseGrows site, you agree to the use of cookies described here.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a web site places in your browser on your computer or phone when you visit that web site. Cookies help make web sites work efficiently.  These cookies often add anonymous tracking information to your browser to make page to page transitions possible.  In many cases, web site content management systems will not function without these bits of information.  Sometimes these cookies are known as “permanent” meaning they are stored with your browser on the permanent storage of your access device.  Other temporary cookies are discarded when you leave your browser session and your browser is closed. 

AEssenseGrows uses cookies on our web site and we also use third party cookies from ad networks from time to time.  Everyone gets these third-party cookies when they visit commerce or news web sites when your browser is set to accept cookies.  This is normally the default setting.

Ad network, or third-party, cookies are placed when you view and advertisement, an article, or a video, on a web site.  When AEssenseGrows subscribes to the ad network service, the ad network shares that cookie with tracking software on our site and other web sites that share in the subscription service.  The good part of this is that it allows us to have some idea of your interests when you visit the AEssenseGrows web site.  If the AEssenseGrows web site sets the cookie for the ad network, your visit to our web site would be shared with the ad network.  That way when you visit a related web site that shows advertisements and uses the ad network, you may see an advertisement on some related topic from AEssense.

Temporary cookies will stay active on your browser while your session is open.  They are discarded automatically when you close your browser application.

Permanent or persistent cookies are stored on the permanent memory for your access device.  This is frequently done when you check the box on a web site that says “Remember me” on my next visit.  This way, your private browser is automatically connected to a site with your identity when you reopen your browser and go to that site on your next visit.

AEssenseGrows Cookie Use

  • Content management software operational cookies. Many services on will not function without these types of cookies.
  • Google Analytics, Hubspot, and similar tracking analytics cookies. These cookies help us recognize and count visitors and web site visits.  We also look at these cookies to observe how visitors navigate our web site from page to page.
  • Personalization/Functionality cookies carry your profile from page to page. This enables us to pre-fill forms for your convenience so you only have to enter your address information once, for example.
  • Ad network advertising cookies as discussed above, carry the knowledge that you visited the AEssenseGrows or other web sites that are subscribed to the ad network. These are used to let the network optimize the advertisements that are shown to you while in the network.  Hopefully, this shows you ads on products of interest and not always show you the same advertisements.  If you share your access device with someone else, this can sometime be annoying as you see ads related to the activity of your shared navigation, i.e. clothing ads when you have never personally visited a clothing store.

AEssense uses cookies to enhance our relationship with you and to improve your experience on the AEssenseGrows web site.  Ease of use is what we are trying to achieve with cookies.

Other Tracking Technologies

In most cases, we are able to view and collect your access point or IP address where your computer or your phone accesses the internet.  We collect this address and we may modify what we offer you based on your company or the service that you use. 

Many types of software and web services use “pixel” tracking technologies.  This small piece of software acts as a single invisible pixel on the web page that you visit.  It is really a piece of Javascript software that executes a call to another web service when your browser loads a web page or you click on a button.  This tracking is used in much the same way as cookies for personalization and data gathering purposes.

Cookie Management

Every internet browser has cookie or privacy settings which you can configure, normally under the Privacy or Settings headings.  Most browsers will explain how to do this in their Help sections.

Remember, if you disable all cookies, the AEssenseGrows web site may not function.  This is your choice.  We try to work around completely anonymous visits but not everything will still work. 

Many virus protection subscriptions will routinely delete cookies.  When this happens between sessions on the AEssenseGrows web site, you move from a known to an unknown visitor.  You remain anonymous until you hit a page or a feature that requires you to sign-on or log-in again.  When you do so, we will replace the last information we have about you.  Hopefully, this will not be too much of an inconvenience when you visit our site. 

Some countries require a “do not track” option.  Wherever possible, AEssenseGrows will follow that directive but we cannot guarantee this in all cases until technology improves.

Google Analytics explains their tracking privacy here


AEssense is concerned about secure services and your privacy.  This is described in our Privacy Policy.  If you have any comment or suggestion for our security actions on AEssenseGrows, please reach out to us through our Contact-Us form.


Effective Date: January 1, 2017


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