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AEssenseGrows Customer Support Services

AEssenseGrows is your precision aeroponics partner for experienced guidance for your project from investment planning to operational cost, grow procedures, and consultancy services worldwide.


We will guide you from design to successful results with 24x7 grow support up to the sale of your product. We are experts on growing spectacular roots and beautiful flowers with global business experience.


With AEssenseGrows, you will lead with consistent premium flower production in zero-soil environmentally friendly aeroponics saving water and resources in the process.


Please review the details of our services in the expandable green + categories.

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  • Detailed Operational Expense & Financial Analysis

    • Customized to your facility

    • Material usage requirements

    • Labor

    • Electrical demand

    • Water usage

    • Nutrient usage

    • CO2 usage

    • Fully loaded operational expense calculations

    • CAPEX and OPEX customized results

  • Project planning 

  • Scheduling & budget 

  • Contract resourcing 

  • Execution, remote or onsite quality assurance 

  • Change management, project monitoring, & status reports 

  • Timeline & risk management communications 

  • Start-up initiation, test, training, operation, & transfer 

  • Recommendations on best practices, SOPs, GMP, and GACP methods

  • Layout & Facility Design

    • Site visits

    • SOP Integration & Walk-throughs

    • Cleaning/IPM review

  • Partner Liaison: Indoor building, Greenhouse

  • Partner Liaison: Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP), Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

  • Consulting on harvest, post processing & curing, storage best practices

  • Process Qualification (PQ) of Procedures

  • 24 hour off-site monitoring

  • Diagnose, troubleshoot, resolve and/or repair AEssenseGrows equipment remotely or on-site

  • Troubleshoot and repair systems to the assembly/component level

  • Quality control feedback

  • 24-hour plant science support for all global grow partners with automated service desk ticket system

  • Maintenance of grow partner relationships

  • Proactive outreach to grow partners

  • Facilitate development and sharing of grow partner knowledge and experience

  • Yield enhancement consulting

  • Room and facility cleaning guidance

  • Consultation during facility design and construction

  • Site visits during construction, commissioning, and running

  • Develop SOPs per facility

  • Continuous Improvement Plan: provide support to low performing grow partners where appropriate

  • Provide guidance on developing fertilization regimes

  • Integrate/consult with construction partners

  • Integrate/consult with mechanical electrical plumbing partners

  • Integrate/consult with environmental management partners

  • Liaise between grow partners and technical team to:

    • Implement improvements requested by grow partners

    • Inform grow partners of changes and improvements to the system.

    • Maintain grow partners goodwill

    • Bridge the gap between grow partners and AEssenseGrows to ensure grow partner success

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