AEssense Corporation - Our Story

AEssense (pronounced “eh-sence”) was founded on solving three 21st century issues: the need for high growth yields for a growing population, food safety, and conservation of resources.

To attain these goals, we had to re-invent the entire process of agriculture down to its purest “essence”. We created the AEtrium series, accelerated plant growth platforms and software delivering pure, zero pesticide, year round, enriched growth.  This is the safest, cleanest, and most sustainable food & medicinal production available.  Something that everyone deserves.

While technology in farming has advanced considerably in the last century, we believe our new growing technology is the next revolutionary jump in agriculture. With decreasing available resources and a human population fast approaching 9 billion, that same leap is what the world desperately needs.  This is our solution. This is our revolution.

Here is a short summary of our strategy.

The Name

AEssense stands for “essence of agriculture”, and is our take on how we envision the future of growing technology to be. We spell it as AEssense, with an emphasis on “sense”, because it is our precision sensing & software technology that makes it all possible.  We added Grows to our name to emphasize our full function: AEssenseGrows.


Our Commitment to Quality & Service

At AEssense, we take pride in the reliability and ruggedness of our products. What separates good from great is the attention to details, beautiful quality, and delicious taste.  We are 100% committed to bringing you the greatest we can achieve.  Each module, growth system, and software service is tested with the most stringent quality assurance before being used by you.  We are also fully committed to providing you with firmware updates and enhancements over the lifetime of the product.


Our Responsibility to the Environment

We only have one Earth. So we develop science-based, environmentally sustainable products for our customers.  We view this as our duty; not only as good business for our customers, but because it is the right thing to do.  We are thrilled that we have customer examples today with full production operations and almost zero water use.


Our Integrity and Accountability to Society

We conduct ourselves and our business in accordance with the highest ethical standards.  No exceptions.  We do the right thing, period.