AErix LED Grow Lights - Bloom

AErix LED Grow Lights for Flower or Mother Plants

AErix LED Grow Light   (1,130 PPFD) 

Design Lights Consortium ETL Labs - UL Labs Certified 

AErix LED grow lights are the next generation of efficient automated indoor lights, optimized for a 40" x 50" growth area in large scale installations. They are great products on their own but their true efficiency lies in their networking capabilities. Thanks to their AES Link interface, it is incredibly easy to control a large group of AErix lights. Once they are daisy chained to the network, they be automatically timed and dimmed, and easily configured by a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

What's more, they integrate seamlessly into the Guardian™ Grow Manager central management control system. In fact our main design goal was to create a networked light that is perfectly optimized for the AEtrium-4 Bloom System and can be controlled without any unnecessary user interaction.


  • 40" x 50" footprint
  • Average PPFD at 12” height: typ. 1,130 µmol/s/m²
  • Uniform light at close range
  • Dimmable (20-100%)
  • Links to AEssense Guardian™ over AES Link
  • Optimized passive cooling, no fans
  • 100-277 V AC universal input
  • Certified by ETL to meet UL and CSA standards


Included in box (LBR003, US & CA):

  • AErix grow light main body
  • Side brackets
  • 8x LED light bars
  • 6' long power cord with NEMA L7-15P plug (341-00110-01)
  • Mounting accessories
  • Manual



Model nr. Part nr. Plug type options Plug diagrams Region
LBR003 L05-A0001-01 NEMA L7-15P, 6-15P, 5-15P Plugs NEMA L7-15PPlugs NEMA 6-15PPlugs NEMA 5-15P US & CA
LBR003 L05-A0002-01 Type I Plugs Type I.png CN


Additional accessories:

Part nr. Description
341-00147-02 26’ long AES Link comm. cable from AEtrium-4 PDU to AErix
341-00168-01 8’ long AES Link comm. cable from AErix to AErix
341-00175-01 14’ long AES Link comm. cable from AErix to AErix
341-00112-01 6‘ long power cord with NEMA 5-15P plug (120V)
341-00112-02 15‘ long power cord with NEMA 5-15P plug (120V)
341-00111-01 6‘ long power cord with NEMA 6-15P plug (208V)
341-00111-02 15‘ long power cord with NEMA 6-15P plug (208V)
341-00110-01 6‘-long power cord with NEMA L7-15P plug (277V)
341-00110-02 15‘-long power cord with NEMA L7-15P plug (277V)
341-00166-01 6‘-long power cord with Type I plug (230V) (China)
341-00166-02 15‘-long power cord with Type I plug (230V) (China)
300-00172-01 Replacement Main Body
310-71031-01 Replacement LED Bar with straight connector
310-71032-01 Replacement LED Bar with right-angle connector



AErix LBR003 LED Grow Light Datasheet - 755Kb

AErix LBR003 LED Grow Light Manual

AErix Brochure


Light output over 40"x50" grow area:

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