AEssenseGrows Cultivation - AEtrium-4 Automated Matriarch Dosing Tub Options

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AEtrium-4 10-Tub Matriarch Doser

AEtrium-4 Daughter Growth Tub

Expand Your Grow Tub Capacity Up To 10-Tubs Per Train

AEtrium “Daughter” Growth Tub:  Made of impact-resistant, non-corrosive materials

  • Vacuum molded ABS tub
  • Outside Dimensions: 57” (1448 mm) x 43.5” (1105 mm) x 12” (305mm) W x D x H
    • Final height on legs with casters is 33.7” (856 mm) (casters included)
  • Growth Trays: 42” (1080 mm) x 54.5” (1386 mm) interchangeable corrosion-resistant powder white colored coated aluminum tray with 5 rows of 4 holes for 3.75” net pots 10.6” (270mm) and 11.2” (285mm) on center.  Each 3.75” net pot  (not included) will be surrounded by aeroponic spray heads delivering fresh nutrient mixture from a manifold below the growth plate

Connections:  growth tubs can connect linearly to form a row up to 5 or 10 tubs when connected to a “Matriarch” doser


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AEtrium-4 Automated Matriarch 10 Tub Doser

Deliver Your Precise Nutrient Recipe Everytime!

10-tub AEtrium Matriarch:  Includes growth tub and AEtrium Dosing Base (ADB) which fits under the Matriarch’s Growth Tub and can dose and fertigate up to 10 tubs in a row.  Customer must use the automatic water refill when implementing a 10-tub Matriarch

  • Automatic Nutrient Monitoring: control and readouts come through the AEtrium App
    • Water Temperature:
      • Range: 32-122oF (0-50oC)
      • Resolution: 1oF (0.1oC)
    • pH of water:
      • Range: 0-14 pH
      • Resolution: 0.01 pH
    • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in water:
      • Range: 10 µS/cm – 30 mS/cm
    • Automatic Nutrient Dosing:
      • Liquid Nutrients dosed: 7 available, typically pH up and down along with up to 5 other nutrients
      • Nutrient Capacity: easily accessible from the end of the ADB
        • Four 20 liter bottles for nutrients
        • Three 4 liter bottles for pH up and down and disinfection
      • Reservoir capacity: 50 gallons
      • Reservoir material: LLDPE
    • Automatic Water Refill: The ADB automatically senses water level and will add water using a provided solenoid when water levels slip below allowable levels.  This helps to assure even plant nutrition.  Customer must connect an appropriate pressurized water source to ¾” male nipple fitting provided
    • Power Requirements: The ADB &  (10)AEtrium Growth Tubs will draw less than (400watts

Handedness: the 10 tub Matriarch handedness must be specified at time of order (right handed shown)


AE-4 Modularity.png

AEtrium-4 Automated Matriarch Dosing Tubs

AEtrium Guardian Grow Manager Creates Recipes

AEtrium Guardian System automation controls a suite of sensor based areoponic growth environments.  The AEtrium Guardian Grow Manager software can manage an unlimited number of AEtrium-4 matriarch dosing bays.  The Guardian automation executes your nutrient dosing recipes and monitors the health of your plants with intelligent sensors while you relax with confidence.  

The AEtrium Guardian System optimizes yield with accurate mechanical control timing, precision sensor measurement, and repeatability.  The matriarch executes nutrient dosing, watering schedules, light cycles, PH, and CO2 levels.