Rapid Production Turnaround Time

Placing Vegging Growth Pots

Less Down Time, More Grow Time. 

The AEtrium-4 Cultivation Bloom System reduces turnaround because it's easy to clean, takes fewer steps, and is ready to go right after your bloom harvest. 

Easy to Clean

AEtrium-4 tub right after harvest

The AEtrium-4 is designed to dramatically reduce bloom room downtime. At harvest, cut and hang your plants, remove and dispose of the root ball, and the result is a grow tub that looks like it has already been cleaned.

Simply rinse the tub & trays of any wayward roots, clean with a peroxide bath, and scrub off any residues. Refill the irrigation tub with water, and the AEtrium Guardian Grow Manager does the rest.  You're ready to go in no time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

A Tested & Proven Method

Our customers have found this productivity offers them 3-5 weeks of additional production bloom time per room per year when compared to soil methods.

Targeting Bottlenecks in the Entire System

The AEtrium-4 reduces turn around because it's easy to clean, takes significantly fewer steps than soil or buckets, and is immediately ready to go right after harvest. Combine this with accelerated aeroponic growth, optimized dynamic nutrient dosing, and the production efficiencies of in-house cloning & vegging, the AEtrium Guardian System provides 2-3 additional harvest cycles per year.                                     



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