AEtrium System Automates Irrigation Plans & Timing Cycles

AEtrium-2 and AEtrium-4 Nutrient Sprayers

Let The System Handle The Watering For You

The AEtrium-4 automatically irrigates your grow based on preset cycles or a user recipe as directed by the AEtrium Guardian Grow Manager application. 

Improving Root Health

To prevent fungal build up that may inhibit root growth, the cycles will automatically set occasional dry periods in-between nutrient cycles.

Directed By You

Based on your irrigation recipe, the Guardian adjusts the water spray and dry cycles to follow your directions with the click of a button.  You can adjust the moisture settings as you learn what type of root environment your preferred strain appreciates, making irrigation management is a breeze.



      001 AEtrium-4 Automated Aeroponic Bloom Growth Environment Brochure



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