Guardian™ Grow Manager - Remote Access & Control

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Control From Anywhere

The Guardian™ Grow Manager software automates your grow operation so you can connect and update or manage your grow from anywhere.  Review your active machines, operations, and performance, control it, and relax from any location with internet access.  

The Guardian takes care of you.  Please request a demo so we can show you what it can do!


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Guardian™ Grow Manager "Recipe" Options

Nutrient Concentration  
Nutrient Dosing Ratio  
Fertigation Period Day  
Fertigation Period Night  
Reservoir Water Level  
Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Dosing  
Air Temperature Day  
Air Temperature Night  
Humidity Day  
Humidity Night  
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Concentration  
Air Movement  
Light Intensity  
Water Temperature  
Pump Pressure