Hydroponic Systems Benchmark - 20,000 sq. ft. - $137 per Pound In The AEtrium System

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Hydroponic System Bloom Results



 Reference Specifications for the Study:

  • 20,500 square feet of canopy space
  • 1,050 Bloom room lights
  • 120 lights managed per 1 full time worker
  • Reference point of $1800 per pound of dry bud
  • 733 tons of cooling required

Results Compared: Aeroponic Systems vs. Coco

  • 6 harvests per year with the AEtrium System & the Guardian™ Grow Manager software
  • 16,650 pounds of bud in first year
  • $137 cost to produce each pound of bud
  • Clone, Veg, Bloom days
  • 1.2 gm of bud/watt using HPS 1000W

Other metrics included:

grams/sq. ft., lbs./gallon water Room Layout 
grams/Input-kWh lbs./gallon nutrient  Labor Usage



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Expert Results

“I am turning my harvests faster with less labor and generating more bud weight in the process using the AEssenseGrows system.”

Chief Cultivator, Washington.


Hydroponic Systems Benchmark Comparison

This case study compares the yield and operations performance of the AEssenseGrows Aero-Hydroponic technology versus growing in Coco Coir soil for a 20K square foot grow space.


Aeroponics is the fastest yielding method for plant growth

We all have a shortage of time to improve our business.  This report is intended to offer a competitive benchmark of productivity and growth metrics for leading performance in today’s competitive marketplace.