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AEtrium-2 Vertical Aeroponic Cloning System

Make Your Own Clones With 3 Layer Stacked Vertical Aeroponic System - Free Yourself From Clone Suppliers

No surprises or schedule interruptions.  Assure your own supply of clones is highest quality, carries zero soil-bound pests, and is free of pesticide contamination. 

The AEtrium-2 hydroponic grow system guarantees a safe pesticide free supply of clones for your bloom room.  No more need to buy clones of questionable quality or be limited by a suppliers strain selection.  The AEtrium-2 Vertical Aeroponc Cloning & Vegging System is a 3-layer cultivation system that features a rapid grow aeroponic system that allows one unit to supply an entire grow-room through continuous growth cycles.  The AEtrium-2 simplifies the entire cloning process, reducing steps, saving you time, and eliminating initial stress on the plants, creating a supply of robust clones ready for the next stage.  During vegging, the AEtrium-2 can support the larger AEtrium-4 ydroponic Bloom System by growing the extra vegging plants for just-in-time replacement in your bloom rooms.


  • Rapid Aeroponic Growth - Get your clones fast and efficiently
  • Supplier Independence - Growing your own clones means no more having to spend extra capital buying from suppliers
  • Simplify the Process - Less downtime, more growing time.
  • Reduce Stress - Plants start off healthier, and grow into more robust plants, creating greater yields
  • Internal Strain Control - Make and perfect your very own proprietary strain that no one else has



For Higher Volume & More Automation, Look At The AEtrium-2.1 SmartFarm For Cloning & Vegging 

The AEtrium-2 offers 300 grow locations in 3 layers.  The AEtrium-2.1 SmartFarm offers 3000-4500 locations in 4 layers with full automation.



AEtrium-2 Machine Row


AEtrium-2 Clones

AEtrium-2 Roots


Dimensions (single 3 layer stacked hydroponic system)

  Width Length Height
Outside Dimensions 3 ft. 11 in. (1.2m) 2 ft. 6 in. (0.76m) 7 ft. 10.5 in. (2.4m)
Growth Trays 3 ft. 4 in.  (1.02m) 2 ft. (0.61m)  11.5 in. plant height
Square feet/meters 6.7 ft2 (1.1 m2)  

Plant Trays

Plant Holes 24 40 77 98
Spray Emitters 24
Levels 3
Tub Depth 8 in. (0.2m)

LED Light Panel

White Full Spectrum PPFD greater than 200umols/m2/s
Variation (center vs. edge) less than 10% without reflectors
Layers Separate lighting control for each layer

Water Pump

Reservoir 30 gallons
Liquid Nutrient Dosing 7 available four-liter bottles
Liquid Nutrient Dosing 3 available four-liter bottles (pH up/down, H2SO2
Irrigation Timing 1 minute ON, 3-15 minutes OFF
Water Level Automatic Water Leveling & Auto Flush

 AEtrium-2 Electrical Specifications

  Typical Peak (Max Inrush Start-Up)
ADU (and lights) 350W  
Water Pump 500W 800W
Line Power 110-220 VAC/50-60hz, 1,100 Watts



Single Unit AEtrium-2 Cloning & Vegging System

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AEtrium-2 Clones Ready For Transfer

AEtrium-2 Roots with Spray Nozzles


Rapid Aeroponic Growth

Get Your Clones Fast & Efficiently

Clones can take time to produce roots, so keeping them at a consistent ideal condition becomes extremely important. AEtrium-2's aeroponic system maintains a consistent, moist environment that allows roots to form easily and efficiently. 

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Clone Supplier Independence

Free yourself from supply shocks, save money on clones, and grow whatever strain you want

How much money each growth cycle do you spend buying clones? How was the quality? Ever experienced a time when a supplier was out of stock? With AEtrium-2, you'll never have to worry about these issues again. Clone at yourown pace for your own supply regardless of market conditions. Choose from different tray configurations for your needs.

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AEtrium-2 Clones and Roots


Keep Your Grow Facility Pest Free

Using AEtrium-2 Clone Supply Eliminates Outside Threats

Have you ever brought clones back only to find them infested with spider mites?  Ever start an aphid colony because of one infected clone?  Making your clones in-house gives you control over your growth facility, preventing others' careless behavior from ruining your investment.

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Simplifying The Cloning Process

AEtrium-2's Tray Configurations Lets You Move Clones With Ease

Thanks to our patent pending plug n' pot system, cultivators can immeditaly place rooted clones into vegging pots, ready to bloom at a moments notice. Less downtime, more grow time.

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Cloning Transfer to Bloom Net Pot

Placing Clones


Proprietary Strain Development

Utilizing AEtrium-2's Tray Configurations Lets Clone & Veg Your Best Plants For The Entire Grow Facility

Great cultivators are always experimenting with their strains to bring out the best features they want. AEtrium-2 empowers them with in-house cloning & vegging control for their best plants. Mix and match, clone, and grow your best proprietary strains that only you alone in the world can grow. 

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