Guardian™ Grow Manager Automation Software

Fast & Easy, Fully Automated Aeroponic Growth Operations Software

Guardian™ Grow Manager Benefits

Managing aeroponic nutrient recipes can be complex.  Our Guardian Grow Manager automation software guarantees that nutrient dosage is consistent and applied perfectly with every irrigation cycle.  The needs of plants in each particular growth cycle change as plants absorb minerals and oxygen through the roots and digest carbon dioxide and evaporate water and oxygen through their leaves.  The Guardian constantly senses these nutrient level changes and uses dynamic dosing to rebalance the nutrient fertilization (fertigation) recipe to your specifications before every irrigation cycle.

We can always do more but these are definite benefits for you, the cultivator:

  • Automation & Control Puts You In Charge
  • Default Templates, Data Logging, & Backup Deliver Fast Start Up
  • Your Growth Plans & Nutrient Recipes Direct Your Operations
  • Your Nutrient Recipes Are Monitored Constantly
  • Your Personal Site Map Tracks Your Performance
  • Direct Your Operations With Personalized Alert Settings
  • Automated System Notifications Protect You From Surprises
  • Remote Access Keeps Every Machine At Your Fingertips

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AEtrium Guardian Grow Manager Growth Plan



Growth Plans Support Your Production

Personalized To Every Strain & Variety

There is no limit to your creativity in satisfying your plants.  You can architect your grow recipes to precisely meet the nutrient requirements of selected variety.  This gives you both the ability to test and develop new growth cycles while at the same time protecting your intellectual property as you learn what produces the best and most delicious results.

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Precision Sensor Output Sensor Display



Growth & Nutrients Are Logged

Tracking Performance Is Easy

Status, usage, & results for every irrigation and nutrient cycle (fertigation) are charted over time with easy zoom-in/zoom-out with data range and time sequence adjustments enabling detailed analysis of production operations and growth performance.

Cultivators are pre-notified of pending grow requirements like calibration timing, clean up reminders, and likely nutrient refill schedules before supplies run out.  Data logging enhances cultivator ability to tune your growth plan to optimize for your strain or variety and your proprietary growth strategies.  

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AEtrium Guardian Grow Manager Sitemaps
AEtrium Guardian Grow Manager Sitemap Mouseover-Detail



Remote Access, System Notifications Protect You

Personalized Alerts & Data Logging

The Cultivator sets alert, threshhold, notification accounts, & target devices for status updates, pending actions, To-do lists, and alarms.

The notification functions can be used only as a log of events or can be filtered to notify specific individuals per each type of alert generated by the system.

Each installation has the option to set notification threshholds and timing to meet their individual preferences.  Important issues can be closely monitored and common activities only logged to backup storage for certifications.

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AEtrium Guardian Grow Manager Online Help






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Automation & Control Puts You In Charge

Precise Controls Drive Repeated Automation

Leveraging advanced sensor controlled aeroponics, the AEtrium System delivers 40% more growth yield than plants grown in soil.  Guardian Grow Manager software automation keeps you operating at the peak level of performance 24x7 and reduces risk to your profitable harvest.

Sensor controlled and monitored dynamic dosing maintains your grow recipe at precise levels without intervention reducing the labor required in the growing process.  Your selected variety grows at the highest yield possible.

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AEtrium Guardian Grow Manager Sensor Controls & Recipes Display



Nutrient Recipes Are Monitored Constantly

Every Grow Tub Is At Your Fingertips

You can inquire, see, and change the nutrient dosing for any AEtrium growth environment from anywhere with secure access to your growth facility.  No need to physicaly go in and look for status, no need to manually change the dosing, just a few clicks and you have peace of mind that your grow investment is running your preferred level of performance.

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AEtrium Guardian Grow Manager Precision Sensor Logs & Alarms



Your Personal Site Map Shows Operations

Visualize Your Grow Rooms & The AEtrium Grow Bays

Create or upload a virtual layout for your physical location and the AEtrium growth bays for your site.  This eases planning, assignment of tasks, monitoring efficiency, and reduces maintenance time.  This visibility is very useful when grow environments are very large or individual grow space or rooms are oddly shaped or remotely located.


The detailed sensor data & operational status for every device is at your fingertips and can be shown at any time from any location.  There is no guesswork to worry about.

You can adjust your device configuration for any deployed unit, turn them on or take them offline as required from this or several other locations in the application.  You can also adjust the nutrient dosage method, PH dosing control, or irrigation timing as preferred.


An easy to understand user interface provides remote access protected by your firewall, encrypted passwords, & user access and rights management control.

Cultivators can monitor your system without entering your clean room environments.  This reduces the potential for pest introduction and reduces the labor required to manage a harvest.

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AEtrium Guardian Grow Manager Notification Settings




From Fast Start Up To Efficient Operations

Data Logging & Backup Protect You

Default grow plans are available for 54 varieties of leafy greens, vegetables, and cannabis strains.  Default settings enable fast & easy start up for your grow plan on nutrient dosing recipes, irrigation & maintenance cycles, and alert status.

Sensor data, mechanical actions, & irrigation results are all stored for cultivator knowledge capture & proprietary learning.

System backup & recovery is automated and can resume any growth cycle with 30 minute resolution.  User accounts, administration, growth plan, and site map information are stored for your protection and peace of mind.

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