Aeroponics+AEtrium-4 = Faster Production Velocity

AEtrium-4 Grow Room


Faster Production Velocity

With a setup time of 10 minutes per tub, no clean-up, and it's easy

The AEtrium-4 Cultivation Bloom System uses aeroponics for faster growth and bloom density.  When you are ready to harvest, the AEtrium-4 hydroponic spray approach allows quick cleaning and disinfection so you can get right back into faster production.  The AEtrium Guardian Grow Manager Application takes over and redoses automatically for the next nutrient grow recipe.  Fewer manual steps and no dirt to deal with makes the life of a cultivator much easier. 





      001 AEtrium-4 Automated Aeroponic Bloom Growth Environment Brochure


For real Benchmark ROI comparisons, see this case study >>.


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