AEtrium-4 Modular Design & Easy Configuration Offers Scalability Advantages

AEtrium-4 Modularity


Modularity Delivers 25% More Capacity

Individual Rows On Wheels Can Move Together For Bloom, Separate For Harvest

The modular design of the AEtrium-4 gives you flexibility to make your harvests highly efficient.  You can configure the AEtrium-4 Tubs to fit any production bloom room design.   You can also move the tubs or columns (on wheeled bases) when useful.  

For large rooms, when set up for canopy growth and bloom, the rows can be placed directly adjacent for full growth. For maintenance or plant attention, the rows can be separated in accordian fashion for easy access.  When service is done, the rows can be pushed back together for bloom.  And finally, for harvest, the rows can be separated for harvest, clean up, and replanting. 

Because the grow lights move with the canopy in the AEtrium-4, this typically provides 25% more bloom production space in each large room.  This flexibility adds additional effective canopy capacity.  The AEtrium Guardian Grow Manager automation reduces general maintenance access in the production room and this row flexibility reduces access furher.  When production harvest time comes, the rows can be moved 1 by 1 for harvest.  This maintains OSHA requirements for access and egress routes and further increases your yields!

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The AEtrium System also offers easy scalability.  You can start small with a single AEtrium-4 matriarch recipe dosing bay and add additional grow tubs to fill your space.  

The matriarch recipe dosing bays come in two sizes.  

  • 1 to 5 Grow Tubs, (100 square feet) or
  • 1 to 10 Grow Tubs  (200 square feet of canopy space)

The AEtrium Guardian Grow Manager can support an unlimited number of grow columns.  The AEtrium-4 offers flexible tray options so you can set up for plant density or canopy configurations.  You can set up any of those grow columns in a Sea of Green (SOG), a limited number of plants, or a single tree approach.  

The modular systems offer significant operational cost savings: 90% less water usage, 70% less nutrient usage, no pesticides, no soil, and no soil disposal.  You can manage the systems with one third the labor of working in soil.     

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