2 More Harvests Per Year

Harvesting Blooms Faster


6 Harvests per Year

Instead of 4 from traditional hydroponic grows


Fast Setup Time

With a setup time of around 10 minutes per tub, AEtrium-4 is easy to setup and get running quickly for your grow.


Accelerated Growth

Given the best growing environment combined with an aeroponic growth system that gives no restrictions to nutrient uptake, each cycle of cloning, vegging, and flowering, is far quicker than what you would achieve in a traditional soil-based grow.

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Faster Turnaround Time

"After harvest" is one of the longest downtimes where a lot of potential growth is lost.  The need to reacquire clones, clean, remove soil, and other factors dramatically reduces the amount of grow time per year.  Each day cleaning, is a day of wasted growth potential and negatively affects return on investment .

AEtrium-4 was designed from the beginning to solve this problem.  After removing the remaining vegetation from a harvest, AEtrium-4 looks like it was cleaned already.

Simply rinse and scrub.  Replant new clones or vegging plants, and the Guardian System manages the rest in the AEtrium-4.




      001 AEtrium-4 Automated Aeroponic Bloom Growth Environment Brochure



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