AEssenseGrows Fresh - AEtrium-SmartFarm Container-20

AEtrium SmartFarm Container

Fully Automated Aeroponic Smart Farm Container

Pure, Delicious, Pesticide Free, Hydroponic Lettuce & Herbs

The SmartFarm Container-20 is a customized version of the 48 tub AEtrium-SmartFarm optimized to fit inside a 20 foot cargo container.  This stacked 4 layer automated grow system was created with portability and stand alone functionality.  Connect power and water supply and you have fully operational turnkey farm that will produce 1500-3000 pounds of leafy greens per year. 

The SmartFarm Container is highly flexible and can execute the grow plan for any recipe for leafy greens in the AEssenseGrows Fresh Produce Catalog. Grow recipes are deployed to the Container's dynamic dosing unit on demand to reproduce exactly the same grow plan with tireless precision and perfect predictable results every time.  

The SmartFarm Container is highly automated.  Each layer includes its own power and energy efficient, cool-running LED light panels, full coverage irrigation, sensor monitoring, and wireless notifications.  Every Container can be interrogated for sensor readings, activity, grow plan, etc.  Any recipe can be loaded to produce the desired variety on an individual Container basis.  All sensor and environmental tracking can be backed up to the Amazon cloud (AWS).

The SmartFarm Container offers easy access with minimal maintenance. Configurable in extendable versions, the 20 foot Container is optimize for 48 grow tubs.  The height of each tub layer is adjustable for plant height ranging from 9-12 inches (23-30cm).  The nutrient dosing controls are positioned at one end of the container for easy access for refill and service needs.  

The SmartFarm Container is a complete system.  The lighting panels provide full spectrum white PPFD intensity levels greater than 200 umols/m2/s and are 0-100% dimmable. Guardian™ Grow Manager software offers remote access and control of lighting, nutrient grow recipes, irrigation schedules, environmental monitoring & control, operator task managment, and many more features from any keyboard or smart phone.

The SmartFarm Container is only available for sale in China today.


More Information?

AEtrium SmartFarm Container Lettuce

SmartFarm Container 20 Foot 48 Tub

Outer Dimensions

Width 5 ft. 3.5 in. (1.612m)
Length 16 ft 7 in. (5.05m)
Height 8 ft. 8 in. (2.640m)
Square feet/meters 88.2 sqft (8.2 sqm)



Growth Tray Dimensions

Width 23.9 in. (608mm)
Length 29.5 in. (750mm))
Height 7.9 in. (200mm)
Holes/Tray 63



Automatic Nutrient Dosing Unit Controls

 SmartFarm Range Resolution
pH 0-14 0.01 pH
TDS/EC 10 µS/cm - 30mS/cm  
Water Temp 32 - 122°F (0-50°C) 1oF (0.1oC)
Reservoir 80 gallons
Liquid Nutrient Dosing 7 available four-liter bottles
Irrigation Timing 1 minute ON, 3-15 minutes OFF
Water Level Automatic Water Leveling & Auto Flush



Electrical Specifications

SmartFarm 48
ADU (Dosing Pump) 220 VAC/50-60hz, 2,000 Watts
Drain (Return Pump) 220 VAC/50-60hz, 2,000 Watts
SPDU (Sectional Power Unit) 110-220 VAC/50-60hz, 1,500 Watts
SPDU/System 4
Optional Water Chiller 110-220 VAC/50-60hz, 1,500 Watts


AEtrium-SmartFarm Container - 20


AEtrium SmartFarm Cargo Container Angle View


AEtrium SmartFarm Cargo Container Side View


AEtrium SmartFarm Cargo Container End View