AEssenseGrows CEO Bob Chen Interviewed By AVF

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AEssenseGrows CEO Bob Chen Interviewed By AVF

Want to learn about how the most advanced aeroponics grow system came to be? Listen in to this Association of Vertical Farming (AVF) podcast featuring AEssenseGrows CEO Robert Chen.

AVF Broadcast Manager Jason Moon interviewed Bob about the genesis of AEssenseGrows in advance of the AVF Hong Kong Summit on Sept. 7. Bob will be among the thought leaders to present at the event.

In the interview, Bob discusses the changes coming to farming, saying growers will increasingly be moving from dirt to clean facilities where technology plays a large role in optimizing grow conditions. “We think we can make a contribution, make a difference, in this area.”

The podcast is available on SoundCloudand on Google Drive.

AEssenseGrows precision grow system enables near-complete control over all key ingredients needed for a successful yield, helping deliver consistent high-quality results.