AEssenseGrows Software Delivers 40% Faster Growth

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AEssenseGrows Software Delivers 40% Faster Growth

The Guardian™ Grow Manager Makes It Easy to Manage Precision Control Through Any Device

SUNNYVALE, Calif. AEssenseGrows, a precision sensor and software technology company specializing in fully automated aeroponic platforms for consistent indoor high-yield plant production, announced the release of its Guardian Grow Manager intelligent software, now including a complete range of water, nutrient, air, and environmental controls that help customers achieve up to 40 percent faster growth with higher year-round yields.

AEssenseGrows produces modular aeroponic grow systems that are constantly aware of plant status through a blanket of precision sensors controlled by the Guardian Grow Manager software.  Optimal delivery of nutrients to indoor plants is guaranteed with confidence from recipe through execution, with the constant attention to detail that automation provides.  Every sensor reading is processed and mirrored to the AWS cloud, providing a perfect data record for any grow cycle and any plant variety.  The company’s AEtrium System produces top-shelf pesticide-free crops while reducing the requisite amount of water, nutrients and labor of traditional farming.

“The Guardian Grow Manager is what we rely on to generate a consistent, high-quality product,” said Matthew Willinger, master grower at Fitchburg, in Oakland. “I can focus on plant health while the Guardian executes my orders perfectly.  The reduction in time and labor is allowing us to be ultra-competitive.”

The software provides fully automated intelligence to guarantee nutrient dosage is precise and consistently applied perfectly with every irrigation cycle.  Wireless controlled sensors ensure that the Guardian constantly senses, doses, tracks, and analyzes an entire grow operation to specification.

In addition, AEssenseGrows has been licensed to integrate California’s Metrc system into the software, meaning users will soon have “seed-to-sale” visibility end-to-end for their operations.  The state selected Metrc as its track-and-trace system for tracking commercial cannabis activity and movement throughout the distribution chain.

“The Guardian software makes managing a large facility easy.  With all the information of our entire grow at our fingertips we can see up-to-the-second sensor data from anywhere in our facility,” said Andrew Lange, CEO of Black Diamond Biotech. “The software makes it easy to maintain the perfect nutrient and light levels and, by integrating the Guardian software into our climate control system, we can maintain the perfect environment for huge consistent yields.”

The Guardian Grow Manager features:

  • The ability to access, manage, and operate anywhere
  • Full facility awareness and control
  • Nutrient recipe control and automatic adjustments
  • Predictable and repeatable grow results
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring
  • Complete data monitoring, AWS storage, and back-up in the cloud
  • Easy system maintenance

The software delivers total control over photoperiod, nutrient concentration, nutrient dosing ratio, fertigation period (day and night), pH, hydrogen peroxide dosing, air temperature (day and night), humidity, carbon dioxide monitoring, carbon dioxide concentration, air movement, light intensity, water temperature, pump pressure and reservoir water level.

“Our customers have quickly recognized the benefits of having complete control of their grow environments at their fingertips,” said Robert Chen, president and CEO of AEssenseGrows. “Advances like the Guardian Grow Manager have turned aeroponics from a theoretically effective method of indoor farming to a practical one.  We help our customers compete with automated, low-cost manufacturing so they can be aggressive competitors.”

AEssenseGrows will demonstrate its advanced aeroponics systems at the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture Feb. 5-6 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, at CannaCon Feb 15-17 in Seattle, Wash., and at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit March 20-21 in San Francisco, Calif.


AEssenseGrows offers free webinars on key issues concerning indoor farming. The next, on integrated pest management, will be at 10 a.m. Pacific Time Feb. 14, and reservations can be made on the company’s website.


The Sunnyvale, Calif.-startup was recently selected by Ackrell Capital as one of the firm’s Top 100 Private Cannabis Companies for 2018.

AEssense, Inc. (pronounced “eh-sense”) founded in 2015, is a new precision AgTech company based in Sunnyvale, CA.  AEssenseGrows provides accelerated plant growth SmartFarm platforms and software automation delivering pure, zero pesticide, year-round, enriched growth to fresh produce and medicinal plant producers globally.  With AEssenseGrows, you can precisely control your production operations at your fingertips from anywhere in the world. 

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