Joel Cuello, Expert in Sustainable Agriculture, to Keynote at Indoor Farming Symposium in Shanghai

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Joel Cuello, Expert in Sustainable Agriculture, to Keynote at Indoor Farming Symposium in Shanghai

Joel L. Cuello, professor of Biosystems Engineering and Director of the Global Initiative for Strategic Agriculture in Dry Lands (GISAD) at The University of Arizona, will be one of the many industry luminaries keynoting at the 2018 International Indoor Plant Factory Symposium mid-June in Shanghai.Cuello

Cuello will deliver remarks on, “Cuello's Law & Designing Vertical Farms into the Food-Water-Energy Nexus.”

The symposium is co-sponsored by AEssenseGrows and the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences (SAAS). It runs June 12-15 at the Blue Palace Hotel in Jiading, Shanghai.

The event brings together some of the world’s leading experts in commercial indoor cultivation for an exchange of ideas and information about the latest innovations, technologies and research in the field. For more information about the symposium or to register, visit

A globally recognized expert in the engineering of sustainable biological and agricultural systems, Cuello’s technical expertise in both engineering and biology provides the platform for engineering designs in various agricultural and biological systems, with emphasis on optimizing biological and agricultural productivities while fostering resource sustainability and environmental protection.

Other symposium presenters include:

  • "The Present & Future of the Plant Factory with Artificial Lighting," by  Toyoki Kozai, president of the Agricultural Academy of Japan, Japan
  • “Tomorrow’s city will be self-sustaining,” by Dr. Dickson Despommier, emeritus professor, Columbia University, United States
  • “The transforming power of vertical farming—global trends and local impacts,” by Christine Zimmermann-Loessl, chairwoman of the Association for Vertical Farming, Germany
  • “A total solution and innovation for smart plant factory with artificial lighting,” by Dr. Huafang Zhou, vice president of AEssenseGrows, United States
  • “Grow light recipes and study of artificial lighting for plants,” by Professor Shaohua Li, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China