Innovations In Fresh Produce - China

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Innovations In Fresh Produce - China

For something completely different, I wanted to highlight some ultra-fresh market innovations delivered to elite restaurant customers and even middle school students in mainland China today.

Vine-to-Plate Tomatoes as Candy!

Whether spectacular tomatoes year-round or vine-to-plate salads in a middle school classroom below, AEssenseGrows delivers fresh taste and an up-close learning experience on how LED lighting, nutrient recipes, and photosynthesis perform indoors in truly innovative ways. Customer delight and physical discovery are a natural reaction to these grow environments.

AEtrium System Vine-to-Plate Innovation

Curious customers can see pure, fresh, zero pesticide meals grow quickly under precision sensors and software controls in front of the Shanghai skyline or middle school students can study plant growth with a hand's-on experience at the Huaide Middle School classroom.

Middle School Classroom for Photosynthesis - Software Controlled

I highlight these to our local Western audience to point out the innovation possible with modular software controlled indoor aeroponics. We're not just growing the best cannabis flowers, we make a great tomato too!

From restaurants, to food banks, to regional education centers with government subsidies, the indoor farm-to-plate opportunities abound. Let's talk if you are interested in discussing how AEssenseGrows might help you with a new start-up approach to existing markets.  

We love to customize personal solutions for your grow operations (cannabis too!). Let's start your success together. 

Please stay safe and healthy and give us a call.


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