Nurseries Start with Healthy Mother Plants

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Nurseries Start with Healthy Mother Plants

RAIR in Michigan is a 30,000 ft2 licensed producer that grows brilliant Mother plants in accelerated growth aeroponics. Watch the complete episode about AEtrium-4 Mothers at RAIR Michigan here.

Fast growing healthy Mother plants on an 18 ON/6 hour OFF daily cycle produces many new vegetative growth nodes. Cuttings of those vibrant nodes and branches quickly root into life changing clones. 

RAIR's operation depends on a continuous supply of healthy cuttings to feed their accelerated aeroponic production cycle. Ashley Hubbard, director of cultivation, explains her strategies for mothers in this informative video above. You will also notice the importance of good airflow movement with a significant fan infrastructure controlled through the Guardian Grow Manager with smart relays for temperature, humidity, CO2, and light cycles. 

From detailed irrigation and nutrient recipes to the complete grow cycle, the Guardian follows your directions and lets you know when something is "awry" as Ashley describes. We are happy to talk with you about ideal recommendations for top-quality cultivation facilities at your earliest opportunity.