Thanks for the Shout-Out, MMJDaily!

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Thanks for the Shout-Out, MMJDaily!

Our innovative new Double Deck blooming machine caught the eye of the folks at MMJDaily, who listed it among “5 solutions for large-scale commercial cannabis growing” showcased at last week’s MJBizCon show in Las Vegas. Among the five listed, the AEssenseGrows platform was the only grow system.

The Double Deck machine doubles the canopy space for indoor growing by adding a second level of grow tubs to AEssenseGrows’ AEtrium System. It’s available in 16-, 20- and 24-tub versions, and each tub provides 16.7 square feet of canopy. With the new machine, 250 square feet of floor space delivers 400 square feet of flower canopy. The system integrates two layers of AEssenseGrows’ high performance AErix LED lights (1600 umols)—ideal for cannabis cultivation—that fit directly over the tubs.  


Chris Wrenn with AEssenseGrows at MJBizCon 2019

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