Double Deck Ætrium-4 Hydroponic Bloom System

AEtrium-4 Double Deck Hydroponic Bloom System

Double Deck AEtrium-4 Hydroponic Bloom System

Two-Layer Aeroponic System - Delivers High Yield Craft Grade Flower at 2 LBs/ft2 per Year

The Double Deck AEtrium-4 Automated Bloom System utilizes the same advanced aeroponics as our single layer system but now with 2 layers.  You still get 40% more bloom growth than in-soil alternatives and all of the automation, but now with twice as much canopy!

Aeroponics is recognized as the most efficient form of soil-less cultivation known as "hydroponics". Aeroponics eliminates soil from your grow operations. Nutrient rich, pH balanced water is periodically sprayed directly on the plant roots suspended in air. These hanging roots grow longer as fast as possible increasing their surface area which accelerates their oxygen and essential mineral intake resulting in superior growth. With good access control and sealed buildings or greenhouses, this translates into cleaner, no pest, and zero pesticide operations. 

Aeroponics offers infinite oxygen in the root zone so photosynthesis is never oxygen limited. An aeroponic system naturally increases growth and yield by providing superior nutrient absorption directly into plant roots triggering unrestricted canopy growth. That translates directly into dollars in your pocket.

This highly automated modular solution is ideal for commercial operations with restricted floor space and high ceilings (recommended 16 foot clearance for ideal air flow performance.

The Guardian Grow Manager software-controlled dynamic dosing system manages the entire grow recipe process and follows your grow plan exactly from the application of nutrients, watering schedules, light cycles, pH & CO2 levels, and environmental temperature and humidity. We offer hydroponic system nutrient recipes but you can adapt and perfect your own proprietary signature recipes for your strains.

The AEtrium Double Deck delivers the same benefits as the single layer AEtrium-4, just with twice the canopy levels.  AEtrium System aeroponics provides many labor savings, including easy harvest and clean up, up to 6 harvests per year, and same day production bloom room turnaround. 

The Double Deck AEtrium-4 Hydroponic Bloom System provides many operational cost savings by using 10% of the water, 30% of the nutrients, zero soil, no pesticides, and full automation increasing yield and profit when compared to soil. For a detailed analysis of the performance of the single layer system, please review the Benchmark Study.

Download The Benchmark Study

Your customers deserve the highest quality, lowest cost, pure, zero pesticide flowers for their use and you deserve to make a profit for delivering on that promise.  Try out the AEtrium System today.

We can always do more but these are definite benefits for you, the indoor farmer:

  • 70% Less Labor - Automation!

  • Remote Access Protects Your Investments
  • Eco-Friendly Reductions In Water (90%), Nutrients (70%), No Soil or Waste (100%)

  • Dual Irrigation Pumps For Failover Redundancy
  • No Soil Pests & No Pesticides



Technical documentation:

Double Deck AEtrium-4 Datasheet - 2019-10-18 - 2.4 MB

Double Deck AEtrium-4 Brochure - 10.1 MB


More Hydroponic System Information

Double Deck AEtrium-4 Hydroponic System Details

Tray Dimensions (single tray)

  Width Length
Growth Tray (outer dimensions) 4 ft. 8 in. (1.420m) 3 ft. 7 in. (1.090m)
Growth Tray (inner dimensions) 4 ft. 3 in. (1.300m) 3 ft. 2 in. (0.970m)
Plant Grow Height 4 ft. (1.2m)
Square feet/meters per tray 16.7 sqft (1.55 sqm)


Plant Tray Counts

Tub Quantity 16 20 24
Grow Slots 320 400 480


Automatic Nutrient Dosing Unit (ADU) Controls

 AEtrium-4 Double Deck Range Resolution
pH 0-14 0.01 pH
TDS/EC 10 µS/cm - 30mS/cm 15 second samples 
Water Temp 34 - 104°F (1-40°C) 1oF (0.1oC)
Reservoir 80 gallons
Liquid Nutrient Dosing 7 available 4-liter bottles (pH up/down, H2SO2)
Liquid Nutrient Dosing 4 available 20-liter bottles
Irrigation Timing 1 minute to 2 hours ON to 1 minute to 2 hours OFF
Water Level Automatic Water Leveling & Auto Flush


AEtrium-4 Matriarch Electrical Specifications

  Typical Power
ADU (Pumps) 1400W
ADU (Input Voltage) 100V-240V/50-60Hz
ADU (Return Pump) 500W
Optional Water Chiller 110-220 VAC/50-60hz, 1,500 Watts
UL/CSA Certification Reference E491725


AEtrium-4 Double Deck AErix LED Bar Light Specifications

Input Voltage 100V-240V/50-60Hz
Power Draw 680W-730W Max
Power Factor 0.95
Dimming 0%-100%
PPF 1,550 μmol/s
Avg. Grouped PPFD @12 in. 1130 μmol/s/m2
Ingress/UL 1598 IP65 Damp
ETL Certification

UL 1598, UL 8750, UL 8800

CSA C22.2 No. 250.0-08

CSA C22.2 No. 250.13-14

IEC 62471

Warranty 5-Year Standard

For more detailed information, please see the datasheet.


       Double Deck AEtrium-4

AE DD v2 Bright



Part nr. Description
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373-10051-11 2" Foam Plugs (neoprene inserts)