Early Flower at RAIR - Eye-Opening Tour

AEtrium-4 Early Flower at RAIR, Michigan - Ashley Hubbard (11:40)

RAIR is a vertically integrated aeroponic cultivator located in Michigan, USA. Ashley Hubbard is their director of cultivation and manages a highly automated state-of-the-art 22,000 square foot canopy facility. They retail top shelf flower and consumables through their four dispensaries and here, Ashley will give you a personal tour of their facility and grow procedures.

Ashley and team do a quick 3-5 day Veg transition into the Flower cycle as they transfer 12 inch tall Veg plants into their Flower rooms.  In this episode, Ashley walks you through a Flower room 3 weeks after transfer.  The Flower rooms leverage AEssenseGrows AEtrium-4 aeroponics to produce the cleanest flowers possible with a continuous harvest flow from Mothers to Clone/Veg to Flower with zero soil.  Their production operation is fully contained, recycles all of it's used water and nutrients. Their environmental and nutrient recipes are optimized for each strain with real time adjustments for the highest terpene optimization for their consumers. This is one of the most impressive operations we have seen and we are delighted to share it with you.

(This is snippet 5: Early Flower in AEtrium-4)

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  This is an original recording with Ashley Hubbard, director of cultivation, at RAIR in Michigan  

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