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Best Grow Light


Selecting The Best Grow Light

PPFD Matters

Selecting the grow light you need is a critical decision but finding the right one is a real challenge. This webinar starts with a level PPFD light output playing field and compares HPS, CMH, LED bar, and LED panel lights side by side.  You will learn what numbers to look for and what numbers to ignore when choosing and buying your grow lights.


Light For Plants

How can you measure light?  What is PPFD?
How much light do your plants need?


Grow Lights For Indoor Cultivation

Light uniformity under reflectors, panels, and bars.
How high above the plants should you mount your lights?


Choosing The Right Grow Light

How do you read data sheets?  PPFD maps and power consumption.
Examples of bad data sheets and good data sheets.


Original Broadcast December 13, 2017

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