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Guardian Grow Manager - Ultimate Cultivator's Tool



The Ultimate Cultivator's Tool

Karl Kulik covers why the GGM is the cultivator’s ultimate tool, demonstrating how easy it is to use and how it reduces human error to provide the plants with  a steady environment, free from drastic fluctuations. Karl will also discuss the insights that the GGM provides with data logging and how to use this data to make more informed cultivation decisions.  


Guardian Grow Manager Overview

Ease of Use
Interface & Sections
Mirror Your Grow Operation - Site Maps
Wireless Alerts

Growth Plans

Grow Recipes - Precision Controls
Irrigation Controls & Monitoring
Lighting Controls
Environmental Controls


Maintenance Automation

Pinpoint System Monitors
Video Access
Calendar/Timecard Management
Report Analytics & Management Communications


Original Broadcast May 16, 2018

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Guardian Grow Manager
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