Medicinal Manufacturing Above GMP/GACP Global Standards - DanCann Pharma

DanCann Pharma Medicinal Manufacturing Beyond Global GMP Standards (1:09)

DanCann Pharma has qualified for commercial production with zero irradiation above European pharma standards for medicinal manufacturing. DanCann prides themselves in producing pure and perfectly sterile aeroponic flower to the highest standards. Their focus on meeting the needs of European patients is impressive and lasting. Aeroponics enables them to deliver unspoiled products without any contamination or degradation from irradiation.

DanCann has crafted a completely unique grow recipe that we have not seen with previous customers. Their method uses less than half the typical fertilizer content with amazing results. Their minimal salts aeroponic approach provides a very clean grow process with no biofilm build-up and is unique in our experience.

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