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Healthy young plants under AEssense grow lights

Indoor Lighting Selection Guide

AEssense low-cost indoor lighting is optimized to deliver exceptional growth for indoor grow environments. Whether HID or LED, AEssense grow lights provide unparalleled PPFD, exceptional uniformity, and maximum flexibility.


Grow Lights for blooming, vegging, flowers, fruit bearing plants, and large vegetables:

Grow light


Average PPFD*

Light output map**

Footprint @height

Power draw

Heat output

List price


Thumbnail AErix 100x50-2 1,130 µmol/s/ LO AErix-30cm-side 40"x50" @ 12"

690 W

2,350 BTU/h $1,695


Thumbnail AEpic 100x50.png 650 µmol/s/  LO AEpix-15cm-side 40"x50" @ 6" 580 W 1,980 BTU/h $1,695

AExcel HPS

Thumbnail AExcel HPS v2 100x50.png 65µmol/s/ LO AExcel-70cm-side 40"x50" @ 28" 1,080 W 3,500 BTU/h $395


* Average Photosynthetically Active Photon Flux Density (PPFD) over footprint at recommended fixture height (measured with adjacent grow lights of the same type)

** Photosynthetically Active Photon Flux Density (PPFD) distribution over footprint at recommended fixture height (measured in isolation, no reflective walls, no adjacent grow lights)


Need help identifying the best grow light?

Selecting the grow light you need is a critical decision but finding the right one is a real challenge. This white paper takes you through the process of comparing regular HPS lights with newer generation LED bar and LED panel lights, and helps you to compare them on a level PPFD playing field. Familiar with lights but not used to horticultural terms like PPFD? Take a look at this cheat sheet. This other white paper helps understand the total cost of owning grow lights. It is highly recommended reading for anyone that cares about yields and getting their money's worth in lighting.

This cost calculator helps you visualize and compare the investment and operating costs of different grow lights, including cost of automation, energy usage, cooling, and service costs.

Calculate the total cost of ownership

Commercial cultivation with efficient LED grow lights

Efficient LED Grow Lights

AEssense LED grow lights are optimized for a wide range of plants in different growth stages and deliver exceptional yields in indoor grow environments. With easy automation, high efficiency, and optimized spectrum, our AErix and AEpic LED grow lights are ideal for large scale commercial horticulture grow installations and are the perfect fit for AEtrium systems.

Our LED lights produce exceptionally high and uniform PPFD while using minimal power and generating minimal heat output. These lights are dimmable and easy to control centrally for maximum automation. AEssense LED grow lights are particularly good for vertical farming and low height farming.

High Intensity Discharge (HID) Grow Lights

Low-cost HID grow lights from AEssense are optimized for large scale commercial grow installations. Our HPS and CMH lights are the lowest cost high output blooming devices available.  Consider them for high yields and the best ROI. With high level photon flux and multiple voltage ranges, these grow lights are flexible solutions for your low-cost lighting needs and tall plant environments. Our HPS and CMH lights are dimmable and can be network controlled to optimize your grow environment.

Abundant yield under HPS grow lights


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