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Healthy plants under AEssense grow lights

AEssense Lighting For HID and LED Demands 

AEssense low-cost indoor lighting is optimized to deliver exceptional growth for indoor grow environments. Whether HID or LED, AEssense grow lights provide unparalleled PPFD, exceptional uniformity, and maximum flexibility.

Featured Low-Cost HID Grow Lights:

Featured Efficient LED Grow Lights: 

Abundant yield under CMH and HPS grow lights

High Intensity Discharge (HID) Grow Lights

Low-cost HID grow lights from AEssense are optimized for large scale commercial grow installations. Our HPS and CMH lights are the lowest cost high output blooming devices available.  Consider them for high yields and the best ROI. With high level photon flux and multiple voltage ranges, these grow lights are flexible solutions for your low-cost lighting needs and tall plant environments. Our HPS and CMH lights are dimmable and can be network controlled to optimize your grow environment.

Efficient LED Grow Lights

AEssense LED grow lights are optimized for a wide range of plants in different growth stages and deliver exceptional yields in indoor grow environments. With native networkability, high efficiency, and optimized spectrum, our AEdge, AEpic, and AEpex LED grow lights are ideal for large scale commercial horticulture grow installations and are the perfect fit for AEtrium systems.

Our LED lights produce exceptionally high and uniform PPFD while using minimal power and generating minimal heat output. These lights are dimmable and easy to control centrally for maximum automation. AEssense LED grow lights are particularly good for vertical farming and low height farming.

Commercial cultivation with efficient LED grow lights

Low Cost Lighting

High Output For Your Needs

Our pricing for high flux output is the best available.  Just ask us for a quote!

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