If You Build It, They Will Come

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If You Build It, They Will Come

We were thrilled by the response in Las Vegas to our precision aeroponic AEtrium Systems, especially the impressive Double Deck AEtrium-4. Loading up our platforms, driving them down, and assembling them in two days was a major proof of the modular approach of AEssenseGrows. 

It was a great show. Enjoy the picture archive.

By show time on the third day, we pulled the live plants out of our bags from Sunnyvale, turned on the water and the power, and the plants were growing again.


Shrink Wrapped from Factory

AEtrium Systems shrink wrapped from the factory and ready to ship to Las Vegas.

AEtrium Double Deck Shipment - Alex

Alex positions the Double Deck AEtrium-4 for loading.

Chris Forklifting Double Deck

Chris forklifts the Double Deck into the truck.

First Step - Hang The Drop Sign

In the MJBizCon Las Vegas booth, we had to wait for the crane and electrical team.  The first step was to hang the drop sign.  It looked great when the lights turned on.

AErium-2.1 SmartFarm-24 Assembled

We started the assembly process with the AEtrium-2.1 SmartFarm for cloning connected up first followed by the AEtrium-4 bloomer.

We Forgot The Whatchamacallit

Next, we started to unbox the Double Deck AEtrium assembly components and sort things out while waiting for the forklift operator.

Forklifting the Double Deck In Place

Forklifting the individual tubs onto the carrier, one by one.

And, in video.

Brackets, Connect Wires, Double Deck

Tubs in place with brackets and the structure is very solid.  Now, connecting the lights together.

Launching The Guardian Grow Manager

Jason connecting the network and starting up the Guardian Grow Manager controls on irrigation and the grow recipes.

AEtrium-4 Ready For Show

The AEtrium-4 tubs for blooming and mothers are ready to go.

Lift Double Deck AEtrium Sign in Place

The electrical forklift team is ready to place the internally backlit signs in place on top of the fully assembled Double Deck.

Just A Little Higher

Just a little bit higher!

And in place it goes in video.

Success! The Last Piece In Place

Now everything is zip tied in place and the signs are plugged in.

Plants In Place

Now we unbag and drop in the chrysanthemums.  They have been without water or light for 36 hours at this point so they look a little wimpy.

Final Plant Touches

Just a little more trimming.

One Fitting To Tighten, Water's Up! A Drip?

Tighten the last fittings, turn on the water, look for leaks!

Plants In, Nutrients Spraying, No Leaks

The roots are wet and the grow recipe is in operation.

Everything In Place For Opening

Last checks, lights on.  Everything is working, whew!

Looking Up at Buds

The backlit lights look good from below, plant bud canopy images.

Double Deck Doser & Carrier

The Double Deck AEtrium reservoir and nutrient dosing system: NPK, CALiMAGic, and H2O2 for cleaning.  Start with our grow recipe and adjust from there.

Chris, Jason, Karl

Chris Wrenn, Jason Wood, and Karl Kulik, ready to talk deals.

AEtrium Double Deck MJBizCon 2019

Lights off on the AEtrium Double Deck and the rest of the Systems and we are ready for Day 1 of the show tomorrow.

The AEssenseGrows Team

The AEssenseGrows Team ready for the show!

Good to Go, Light em Up!-1

Let's get this party started.  Karl leads with our one layer AEtrium-4 bloom system. Offering yields range from 2.25-3.5 LBs/tray per harvest or ~1LB/ft2 per year for bloom canopy.

Coming From Every Direction

The AEtrium Systems with a great booth draws a lot of visitors.

The Show Opened & We Were Packed

"We're AEssenseGrows.  How can we help you succeed?"

Everybody On Board - No Room To Spare

No room left in the booth on Day 1.  The guy with the camera is not with us but we are happy to share.

Queuing Up For Questions

Queued up at the entrance.  It was exciting to meet with and talk to all of the visitors about their projects.

The team was engaged at every corner for the first 2 days of the event.  Amazing interest in the AEtrium System and the Guardian Grow Manager software.

Everything About Aeroponics

Chris Covers The Double Deck Details

Getting Serious with Luke

Going Deep with Steve

"This is the facility where I can place your equipment."

Having Fun at the End of the Day

As the day winds down, it's easy to have some fun!

AEtrium-2.1 SmartFarm - Everything for Clone & Veg with Bruce

The AEtrium-2.1 SmartFarm comes in 24, 48, or 72 tray sizes.  Those deliver 1512, 3024, or 4536 clones from cuttings in 10-12 days.   Pinch off those tops and they will branch into multiple bud tops as they veg.  Two more weeks and bushy fully vegged plants are ready for transfer into any available bloom room.

Jason Dishes on the Double Deck

Yes, the Double Deck delivers 2 LBs/ft2 per year of dry trim bud for canopy space.  Two layers, 1 LB/ft2 per layer, fully automated.

The Double Deck Does It All

We are shipping our first deliveries and accepting orders for the AEtrium Double Deck now.

Yep, 2LBs per Square Foot per Year

Discoveries, It Can Do That

Every conversation was a new discovery of how we can work together to accelerate yields and production output.

So, 4500 Clones Every 10 Days

"4500 clones in 10 days fully automated?  Lights, nutrients, irrigation too?"  Yes, plug in water and power and you're up.

I Could Grow A Pound per ft2 and Still Take Time Off

"I can get 3 LBs/tub per harvest 6 times per year?"  Yes!

So Much To See And Discuss

I Could Put It In This Facility

Lets Make A Deal

There Is Nothing Else Like This At The Show

"There is nothing else like this at the show."

Dual Failover Pumps on AEtrium Double Deck

Karl explaining the AEtrium Double Deck has 2 water pumps working in tandem for the complete irrigation process.  This makes filter cleaning and emergency failover support a non-event.

Day 3, Still Going

It's been a long week and a heck of a show.  Three days of very productive discussions.

Motley Crew - Exhaustion Setting In

OK, exhaustion kicking in.  See you next year.  Time to tear everything down!

One busy night and everything is torn down and shrink wrapped to ship back to Sunnyvale!  Except for the drop sign of course.  It has to wait for Saturday and the crane operators.  See you again at MJBizCon 2020.