Test Kitchen: Cannabis Sativa-Blue Dream Results - Foam Collars vs. Net Pots

Net Pots vs Foam Collars at Start of Bloom
Blue Dream Bud.jpg

Ever Ask Whether Foam Collars Are Better Than Net Pots?

We Tested It

Is it possible to grow cannabis in a 2” foam collar from cutting to harvest? 

To help answer this question, cannabis sativa-Blue Dream was grown in both 2” foam collars and 3.75” net pots side by side in a controlled clean room environments under exactly the same conditions.  

This 19 page report details the winner and the differences in dry bud weight, cannabinoid and terpene content.  The report also details the different growth characteristics between the two methods with many images and data tables for the complete coverage of the topic.

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Test Kitchen: Foam Collar/Net Pot Results Report Download

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