Test Kitchen: Sativa-Blue Dream Results - 1 HPS Light, 8 Weeks, 2.75 lbs. of Bud

AEtrium-4 Blue Dream 8 wks 1 HPS
Trichomes on Blue Dream Bud

Ever Ask How To Get 17 lbs/light per Year?

We Let The AEtrium Do It

One double ended T5 light, the AEtrium-4 running an aeroponic nutrient recipe, and a clean rooom was measured for 8 weeks through a bloom cycle.  This was a 2015 early attempt at the ideal nutrient recipe.  

Download the report to read the precise details of the hands off test and how we got to 2.75 lbs per light.  

The report details the specific characteristics of the grow with many images and data tables to cover weight, terpines, and quality.

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AEtrium-4 2105 Recipe TestDrying Tent

Test Kitchen: AEtrium-4 2105 Recipe Results Report Download