AEtrium-4 Commercial Aeroponic Hydroponic Growth System

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AEssenseGrows Cultivation: AEtrium-4 Commercial Hydroponic Bloom System

Accelerated 40% Higher Yields & Automation Deliver Faster Growth and Returns

The AEtrium-4 Automated Cultivation Bloom System utilizes aeroponics which yields 40% more bloom growth than in-soil options.  Aeroponics (or aero-hydroponics) is recognized as the most efficient form of soil-less cultivation known as "hydroponics".  An Aeroponic system naturally increases growth and yield by providing superior root nutrient absorption and unrestricted canopy growth.  

Utilizing precise sensor controlled Dynamic Dosing, the AEtrium-4 hydroponics delivers your prescribed nutrient recipe to each plant on the irrigation cycle that you control through the Guardian™ Grow Manager automation software.  Nutrient rich water is periodically sprayed directly on the plant roots suspended in air and not inhibited by the mechanical resistance of soil or other water bodies found in other types of hydroponics.  This significantly enhances the plant's intake of oxygen and essential minerals, helping increase it's overall growth rate and flower yield.  Hanging roots also maximize oxygen intake to balance with the carbon dioxide intake, preventing root suffocation and eliminating the need for root pruning.  

The Guardian Grow Manager software-controlled dynamic dosing system automatically optimizes the nutrient dosing per strain for the highest yields and adjusts accordingly throughout the growth cycle.  

Combined with the many labor savings provided with hydroponics, easy harvest and clean up, up to 6 harvests per year (with Sea Of Green SOG or single tree canopy efficiency), and same day production bloom room turnaround, the AEtrium System is a great choice for 40% more blooms and higher profits.  AEtrium-4 hydroponics provides many operational cost savings.  The AEtrium-4 hydroponics uses 10% of the water, 30% of the nutrients, no soil, no pesticides, and eliminates many duplicate manual tasks further increasing yield efficiency when compared to soil.  


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AEtrium Guardian Grow Manager Precision Sensor Output Sensor Display


70% Less Labor Through Design & Automation

With A Set Up Time Of 10 Minutes per Hydroponic Growth Tub, It's Easy

When you are ready to harvest, the AEtrium-4 hydroponic spray approach allows quick cleaning and disinfection so you can get right back into faster production.  The AEtrium Guardian Grow Manager Application takes over and redoses automatically for the next nutrient growth recipe.  Fewer manual steps and no dirt to deal with makes the life of a commercial cultivator much easier. 









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AEtrium-4 10-Tub Matriarch Nutrient Dosing Bay



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AEtrium Guardian™ Grow Manager

Deliver Your Precise Nutrient Recipe Everytime!

The AEtrium Guardian System Grow Manager software automates the entire aero- hydroponic growth process saving manual tasks & generating peace of mind.  For more detailed discussion on the Guardian Growth Automation.

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AEtrium-4 Aeroponics Delivers

1 Harvest Every 8 Weeks = 2.5-3 lbs of Bud per Light per harvest

Using the assumption that “normal” growing in coco/hand watered produces 1.5 lb.(0.7 kg)/light, we can conservatively yield 2.5 lb.(1.1 kg)/light* using the AEtrium System with its advanced aeroponic growth system (in fact we have done significantly more than this).  Safely 15 to 18 lbs per light per year.

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70% Less Labor

Guardian™ Growth Automation Makes Life Easier

The labor savings are significant.  Here is a recent comment from the master cultivator at one of our customers:  

Another good thing that I noticed was the reduction of labor the AEtrium System provides.  I could manage my 45 Growth Tubs by myself, probably even 120 Growth Tubs by myself.  That would traditionally take around 4 workers to manage 120 lights of cultivation”.                                                                                                                

The AEtrium's Guardian System lets you hook up hundreds to thousands of AEtrium-4s and manage them all through a single application interface.  You can adjust the growth plan for 1 or many machines while monitoring their growth conditions.  The day to day manual tasks are under control.  Now, you can put your efforts into strain development, innovation, or scale.  Now, you have the bandwidth to do more!

Task Savings:




AEtrium-4 Automated Matriarch Dosing Tubs

The Matriarch Nutrient Doser Supports Up To 10 Tubs

The AEtrium Guardian Grow Manager software can manage an unlimited number of AEtrium-4 matriarch dosing bays.  The Guardian automation executes your nutrient dosing recipes and monitors the healthy hydroponic growth of your plants with intelligent sensors while you relax with confidence.  

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