Why Is Aeroponics Great?

AEtrium Guardian Aeroponic Grow Environment

Aero-Hydroponics Technology Is Agricultural Plant Science

Precision Sensors, Advanced Automation Software, & Nutrient Recipes Offer Growth Breakthroughs!

Aeroponic systems are a specialized version of aero-hydroponics where the roots of the plant are open to air and the oxygen they need to grow.  Support is provided by the aeroponic hosting environment.  The aeroponic system mixes nutrients for the plant with ultra pure water and sprays this healthy vapor onto the roots for direct absorption.  This oxygen enriched nutrient mixture is in constant cycle and keeps a high level of oxygen in contact with the root surface.  This aeroponic system nutrient "dosing" can be optimized for precision dosage, spray time, light synchronization, growth phases, and flowering, bloom, and fruiting cycles, to maximize results.  In a proper clean room environment, aeroponics delivers pure fresh taste, with zero pesticides, and zero pests.


  • Rapid Aeroponic Growth = Yield & Profits 

  • No Pesticides, No Pesticide Residue = Higher Quality

  • Pure Water: No Heavy Metals No Pathogens, No Antibiotics, No Hormones = Just Great Taste! 

  • Automation Simplifies The Process - No Disruption, More Growing Time = Lower Cost

  • Reduce Stress - Plants Start Healthier = No Mechanical Resistance From Soil & Create Greater Yields Faster

  • Internal Methods Protected - Proprietary Nutrient Recipes, Irrigation Cycles, & Light Automation = Proprietary Advantage


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AEtrium Guardian Grow Manager Vegetables


Root Zone Control

More Oxygen & No Mechanical Resistance From Soil

Unlike standard hydroponic systems where plant roots are typically submerged in water, aero-hydroponic (aeroponic) roots hang in the open air with no mechanical resistance from soil.  This enables the roots to grow with abandon to support much larger foliage & fruit growth in the canopy.

Dangling roots not only absorb essential minerals from the nutrient spray solution, but this also allows increased oxygen intake to fuel respiration.

This accelerates growth +40% more than in soil, and adds the benefit of greatly ruducing nutrient usage (-70%) & water usage (-90%) through scheduled spray-recycling.

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AEtrium-2 Clones Ready For Transfer




Comparing Simple Aeroponics to Hydroponics to Soil

A Simple Test Here With Simple Technology Shows Profit Potential

Side By Side Remedial test by HydroMag here.


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Automation, Control, & Sustainability

Fresh Taste, Perfect Nutrient Recipe, Everytime!

Aeroponics takes the best of hydroponics and expands it further with greater water savings, energy efficiency, and ample root zone control for accelerated growth.

Using the latest precision sensing technology and software controlled dynamic nutrient dosing, growers are given an unprecedented level of environmental control for their growing needs.

Nutrient levels delivered in leaf, bloom, or fruit tie directly to the nutrient recipe and the ability of the roots to absorb the nutrients converted through the photosynthesis process.

All of AEssenseGrow's AEtrium growth environments come with standard features designed from the ground up to scale to a commercial agriculture production level for nutrient enrichment and fast production growth and yield.

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AEtrium-4 Aeroponic Irrigation Spray



Keep Your Facility Pure & Pest Free

Using The AEtrium Guardian™ System Eliminates Soil Threats

Growing in a scientifically controlled clean rooom environment seals out pests.  Remote access controls the automation of the growing cycle with the AEtrium Guardian Grow Manager software combined with reliable mechanical grow environments (AEtrium-2 and AEtrium-4).  

Add a positive pressure air flow clean room environment combined with air lock access and you shut out the source of 99% of pest infestations (people).  Manage your grow room environment like a modern surgeon.  Use automation to increase productivity and deliver superior results.


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