Æssense爱盛LED植物生长灯 AEssense LED Grow Light Options

Æssensegrow LED灯可对多种植物在不同的生长阶段进行优化,并在室内生长环境中提供非常高的产量。基于自动化、高效、光谱优化,我们的Ædge、Æpic和Æpex LED灯是大型商业园艺安装中的理想设备,也是AEtrium系统的完美结合。

AEssenseGrows LED grow lights are optimized for a wide range of plants in different growth stages and deliver exceptional yields in indoor grow environments. With easy automation, high efficiency, and optimized spectrum, our AEdge, AEpic, and AEpex LED grow lights are ideal for large scale commercial horticulture grow installations and are the perfect fit for AEtrium systems.


AEdge LED grow light panel

Ædge LED 植物生长灯

AEdge LED Grow Lights

Ædge LED 植物生长灯是一款非常薄的LED灯板,适合于室内垂直农业种植。AEdge也十分适用于室内移栽和室内育苗。

AEdge LED grow lights are exceptionally thin LED panels optimized for indoor fresh produce vertical farming.  The AEdge is also optimized for indoor clone creation (cloning) and vegetative growth (vegging).  

Æpic LED 植物生长灯

AEpic LED Grow Lights

Æpic LED 植物生长灯是一款高效的自动化室内灯,在大型安装中优化了40" x 50" 种植区域。

AEpic LED grow lights are efficient automated indoor lights optimized for a 100 cm x 130 cm growth area in large scale grow installations.



AEpic LED grow light bars

Æpex LED 植物生长灯

AEpex LED Grow Lights

Æpex LED 植物生长灯是一款高效,智能并且自动化的室内灯,适用于大型室内园艺种植。

AEpex LED grow lights are efficient, smart, and automated indoor lights optimized for large scale commercial horticulture grow installations.

AEpex LED grow light panel


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Need help identifying the best grow light?


Selecting the grow light you need is a critical decision but finding the right one is a real challenge. This white paper takes you through the process of comparing regular HPS lights with newer generation CMH, LED bar, and LED panel lights, and helps you to compare them on a level PPFD playing field. This is highly recommended reading for anyone that cares about yields and getting their money's worth in lighting.


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