AEdge LED 植物生长灯 - 适用于中小型植株及绿叶蔬菜

AEdge LED 植物生长灯


AEdge LED植物生长灯,是一款非常薄的LED灯板产品,适用于垂直种植环境。由于被动散热管理以及独立供电系统,任何产生的热量都能有效地从植物中分离出来,这使得植物能被密集种植。每个面板或多个面板都可以通过一个简单的旋钮来方便地调节灯光,为幼苗、中小型植株、绿叶类蔬菜提供合适的光照量。

AEdge LED grow lights are exceptionally thin LED panels optimized for vertical farming, with . Thanks to passive thermal management and a physically separate power supply, any heat generated is efficiently directed away from plants, allowing dense cultivation. Each panel or pair of panels is conveniently dimmable by a simple knob to produce the right amount of light for seedlings, clones, microgreens, and leafy greens.



  • 60瓦功率LED灯板 60W LED grow light panel
  • 厚度仅为1.7厘米 Only 1.7 cm thick
  • 单体大小为 0.305米 x 1.016米 30 cm x 100 cm footprint (single)
  • 两个大小为 0.71米 x 1.016米 60 cm x 100 cm footprint (dual)
  • 光通量:两个灯板,15.25公分高度情况下,平均值为 250  µmol/s/m² PPFD (dual-panel configuration) at 15 cm height: average 250 µmol/s/m²
  • 近距离情况下,光照统一Uniform light at close range
  • 可按需求调暗Dimmable
  • 优化的被动散热管理,无需散热风扇 Optimized passive cooling, no fans
  • 100-277 伏 通用电压 100-277 V AC universal input


装箱配件(单体灯板)Included in box (single panel system):

  • 60瓦 AEdge LED 植物生长灯板 60W AEdge LED grow light panel
  • 电源配适器 Matching power supply
  • 可调暗旋钮 Dimmer knob
  • 电源连接线 Type I power cord
  • 安装附件 Mounting accessories


装箱配件(双体灯板)Included in box (dual panel system):

  • 2个60瓦AEdge LED植物生长灯板 2x 60W AEdge LED grow light panels
  • 电源配适器 Matching power supply
  • 可调暗旋钮 Dimmer knob
  • 电源连接线 Type I power cord
  • 安装附件 Mounting accessories



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参考文件: Documents:

AEdge LED Panel Datasheet

AEssense LED Brochure


光源覆盖0.6米 x 1.1米(约24英尺x40英尺)种植区域(双体灯板)

Light output over 60 cm x 100 cm grow area (dual panel system):

AEdge LED grow light panel

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