Æpex LED植物生长灯 - 适用植物和花卉种植 

Æpex LED 植物生长灯

Æpex LED Grow Lights


Vegetative Growth and Flowering

Æpex LED 植物生长灯是高效,智能以及自动化的一款室内灯,优化了大型商业园艺的种植设备。配置了可调节的光谱和紫外线含量的功能,这款产品十分适用于种植各类植物。

AEpex LED grow lights are efficient, smart, and automated indoor lights optimized for large scale commercial horticulture grow installations. With configurable spectrum and UV light content, these grow lights are the perfect fit for a wide variety of plants.


These lights are great products on their own but their true efficiency lies in their networking capabilities. Thanks to their AES Link interface, it is incredibly easy to control a large group of AEpex lights. Once they are daisy chained to an AEssense Light Controller, they be automatically timed and dimmed, and easily configured by a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.


What's more, they integrate seamlessly into the AEtrium Guardian™ SystemIn fact our main design goal was to create a networked light that is perfectly optimized for the AEtrium-4 Tall Plant Environment and can be controlled without any unnecessary user interaction.

Æpex LED 灯板可以根据需求,在每个Ætrium-4定植面板上方配置1个,2个或者4个灯板。由此可见,1个,2个或者4个灯板的不同配置,可以为您种植的植物提供前所未有的灵活性和越来越高的光通量。

AEpex LED panels are designed in such a way that 1, 2, or 4 panels fit perfectly above each AEtrium-4 tray. The resulting single, dual, or quad-panel configuration offers unprecedented flexibility and increasingly high PPFD for your plants.



  • 500瓦 LED 灯板 500W LED grow light panel
  • 大小为40" x 50" (约1.016米 x 1.27米) 100 cm x 130 cm footprint
  • 光通量:1个灯板在50公分高度下,平均值为 320 µmol/s/m²  PPFD (single-panel configuration) at 50 cm height: average 320 µmol/s/m²
  • 光通量:2个灯板在50公分高度下,平均值为 710 µmol/s/m²  PPFD (dual-panel configuration) at 50 cm height: average 710 µmol/s/m²
  • 光通量:4个灯板在30公分高度下,平均值为 1,650 µmol/s/m²  PPFD (quad-panel configuration) at 30 cm height: average 1,650 µmol/s/m²
  • 光强可调暗,光谱可调节 Dimmable, adjustable spectrum (AES Link, DMX512)
  • Guardian™ 智能监控软件兼容 Compatible with AEssense Guardian™
  • Highest quality Cree and Osram LEDs from the US and Germany
  • 含紫外线 UV light content
  • 个人可用蓝牙直接连接 Direct Bluetooth control for individual users with smartphone app
  • 100-240 伏 通用电压 100-240 V AC universal input


装箱配件: Included in box:

  • 500瓦 Æpex LED 灯板 500W AEpex LED grow light panel
  • 电源连接线 Type I power cord
  • 安装配件 Mounting accessories



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参考文件: Documents:

AEpex LED Panel Datasheet

AEssense Lighting Brochure


光源覆盖40英尺 x 50英尺 (约1.016米 x 1.27米)种植区域 Light output over 100 cm x 130 cm grow area:

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