Æpic LED 植物生长灯 - 适用于植物和花卉种植 AEpic LED Grow Lights - Vegetative Growth and Flowering

Æpic LED 植物生长灯

AEpic LED Grow Light


Æpic LED植物生长灯是一款高效的自动化室内灯,在大型安装中为40 x 50 英尺(约12.2 x 15.2 米)的生长区域进行优化。这是一款很出色的产品,但其真正出彩之处在于它们能够联网。由于它们配有AES链接接口,控制大量的AEpic灯也是一件非常容易的事。

AEpic LED grow lights are efficient automated indoor lights optimized for a 100 cm x 130 cm growth area in large scale installations. They are great products on their own but their true efficiency lies in their networking capabilities. Thanks to their AES Link interface, it is incredibly easy to control a large group of AEpic lights.


What's more, they integrate seamlessly into the AEtrium Guardian™ SystemIn fact our main design goal was to create a networked light that is perfectly optimized for the AEtrium-4 Tall Plant Environment and can be controlled without any unnecessary user interaction.



  • 大小为40" x 50" (约1.016米 x 1.27米) 100 cm x 130 cm footprint
  • 光通量:在15公分高度下,平均值为 600 µmol/s/m²  PPFD at 15 cm height: average 600 µmol/s/m²
  • 近距离情况下,光照统一 Uniform light at close range
  • 可调暗 Dimmable (AES Link, DMX512)
  • Guardian™智能监控软件完美兼容 Compatible with AEssense Guardian™
  • Highest quality Cree and Osram LEDs from the US and Germany
  • 优化的被动散热管理,无需散热风扇 Optimized passive cooling, no fans
  • 90-350 伏 通用电压90-305 V AC universal input


装箱配件:Included in box:

  • AEpic 植物生长灯主体 AEpic grow light main body
  • 10 根 LED 灯条 10x LED light bars
  • 电源连接线 Type I power cord
  • 安装附件 Mounting accessories



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参考文件: Documents:

AEpic LBR001 LED Grow Light Datasheet (Chinese)

AEpic LBR001 LED Grow Light Datasheet (English)

AEpic LED Grow Light Manual

AEssense Lighting Brochure 


光源覆盖40英尺 x 50英尺 (约1.016米 x 1.27米)种植区域 Light output over 100 cm x 130 cm grow area: