Basic Relay - Automation by Guardian

Basic Relay


The Guardian™ Grow Manager constantly senses, doses, tracks, and analyzes your entire grow operation to your specifications. The Basic Relay allows you to link third party devices such as fans, lights, valves or other actuators to Guardian™ for automated control.



  • Handles up to 2,500W power
  • 24 V DC communication line
  • Switches on/off the connected device on Guardian command
  • 85-265 V AC universal input


Included in box :

  • Basic Relay
  • Power cord
  • Mounting accessories
  • 24V communication cable (6' long)



  • In stock



Model nr. Part nr. Voltage Socket Plug type Plug Region
BR-5 202-00001-01 120V NEMA 5-15/20 NEMA 5-15P Plugs NEMA 5-15P.png US & CA
BR-6 202-00002-01 208V NEMA 6-15/20 NEMA 6-15P Plugs NEMA 6-15P.png US & CA
BR-I 202-00005-01 230V Type I Type I Plugs Type I.png CN
BR-F 202-00004-01 230V Type F CEE 7/7 Plugs CEE 7-7.png EU
BR-J 202-00003-01 230V Type J Type J Plugs Type J.png CH


Additional accessories:

Part nr. Description
341-92052-01 26' long communication cable from AEtrium-4 Matriarch to Basic Relay



Basic Relay Datasheet

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